Underwater Welder by Jeff Lemire is Heading to the Big Screen

Big news today in the world of Canadian media, as Jeff Lemire’s 2012 IDW/Top Shelf graphic novel, Underwater Welder has been sold for the big screen adaptation deal.  The comic recently saw a rerelease in hardcover and sales have continued to climb.

Underwater Welder is the story of Jack Joseph, whose unique job brings him deep below the sea.  While working he begins to see ghosts from his past that bring him on a deep introspective journey.  The contemporary/supernatural story is celebrated as one of Jeff Lemire’s greatest solo works.

On board for the production is another Canadian celebrity, Ryan Gosling, Canada’s third sexiest man behind, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Austin Powers himself, Mike Meyers.  Now we wonder, will Gosling play the role of Jack Joseph, and take this movie to the next level.

With many of Lemire’s works now optioned for film, the question is, which will be the first Lemire adaptation we see on the big screen?

Thanks booknerds, I better get on that graphic novel review, it’s a great book.


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