Sunday Mise en Place (Feb.27 to Mar. 5, ‘017)

It’s Sunday again?  It’s like it’s Sunday every week.  Which means it is time once again for the Green Onion Blog Mise en Place.  A weekly post on the what’s new, what’s happening, and what’s coming.  For a week that I wasn’t sure how to approach seven days ago, this ended up being a pretty good ride.  But, before I tell you that story, I have to tell you what’s going on…

What’s Going On-

I would like to send a huge congratulations out!  One of my best friends, and favourite humans in the world popped the big question to his wonderful partner.  I knew it was coming for a while, but it was great to see them announce it to the world this week.  Congratulations Eric and Megan, I am so happy for you two.  The love you share for each other and those around you is abundant and honest.  I hope all the crazy wedding planning goes smoothly, and you can forever enjoy your lives together.

Slicing into March the biggest thing, at least on my social media, was the release of Logan.  I made my way out the other night and it was worth the hype it’s been receiving.  I just had to say how great it was.  There have been tonnes of praising reviews this weekend, and they are all true.  I can’t recall who said it, but one of the best quotes I can share is: “If Logan isn’t on my top 5 movies by the end of 2017 we are in for an unbelievable year of film.”

Last Weeks Posts-


In the past I have had a lot of fun doing ‘themed’ weeks.  There has been sequels week, Halloween week, Christmas week, and most recently, the wildly popular Red Onion week.  Obviously this is a continual thing I would like to maintain for the G.O.B..  There was two options for this week, ultimately I decided one made more sense if I launched it in May.  Which is fine by me, because this is a theme that is going to be very near and dear to me.  So, if you’re getting curiouser and curiouser, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to head down that rabbit hole.

Thanks booknerds, stay sane.


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  1. Zezee says:

    I’m very curious what will be the theme for the week. And you didn’t event give hints.

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