Chef Green’s Choice Cuts (Mar. 29 ‘017: Spider-Man, Oathbringer, Captain Underpants, and more)

Welcome to the first installment of Choice Cuts!  Where I, Chef Green Onion, will talk about the tastiest selections from the menu of pop culture.  In reality, this is a series for me to talk about- well, whatever the heck appeals to me.  We live in an amazing time to be a nerd.  Comic book heroes have their own film franchises, video games are becoming overwhelmingly realistic, reading is cool again, toys do amazing things, Star Wars is back in a big way, and we have major celebrations, or cons, to celebrate our entire culture.  By creating this Choice Cuts series, I am basically giving myself a platform to quickly chat about all my favourite things happening, without having to dedicate an entire post to them individually.  A big hot mess of book news, movies, shows, comics, trailers, toys, posters, or whatever nerd thing I feel like chatting about.  Chef’s choice.

Lost Themis Files and Contest-

Earlier today author Sylvain Neuvel released a free bonus chapter, or lost file, to tide fans over before the release of The Themis Files sequel, Waking Gods next week (April 4).  Additionally, you can enter for a chance to win a copy of both books.  This is the second such lost, which are worth reading if you enjoyed last years debut novel Sleeping Giants.  The more I hear about this book, and see from the Canadian author, my excitement shines more brightly.  Click here for the lost file.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer

Honestly, I watched the Spider-Man trailer, released yesterday, over a dozen times.  This is amping up to be a Spidey movie like we have never seen, and have long awaited.  With the glimpses of web-slinging action we were rewarded with in Captain America: Civil War, and Tom Holland’s strong depiction of Peter Parker, what’s not to be excited about.  What interests me most about this trailer, is the plot seems to be a unique storyline.  With an abundant amount of Spidey webs to weave from, it’s an unexpected choice.  Especially when considering Spider-Man is on temporary loan from Sony, and we may only receive two Spider-Man titles from the MCU.  Though, I cannot wait for this fun, coming-of-age tale about one of the most appealing characters in comics.

Oathbringer Cover

There is no equal for my anticipation of Oathbringer, book three of The Stormlight Archives by Brandon Sanderson.  Since I reluctantly finished reading Words of Radiance years ago, my mind has been questioning every element of this uber-epic tale.  The release of the Oathbringer cover, answers nothing, and adds more to the puzzlement.  If Jasnah is as powerful as shown, disintegrating walls/building invisible stairs, whilst wielding that gorgeous Shardblade, than what is in store for everyone else.  Plus, this seems to be a snippet of a large war, including a giant we haven’t seen since the interlude of book one.  Too much to take in, Oathbriner is bound to be amazing come release in November.

Captain Underpants Trailer

Okay, okay, okay- I know there are lots of trailers to talk about, from Justice League to Aliens to Wonder Woman.  I just have to say how impressed I am with the overall vision of Dav Pilkey’s Captain Underpants.  I highly appreciate that they made no attempt to make the world or characters more realistic.  They did not make major changes to the theme or plot of the books.  They took a story that had an aesthetic and feel, and gave us a movie that looks exactly like you would hope and expect.  It’s all very refreshing.


This week former NBA all-star Tim Duncan and wife announced the birth of their baby daughter.  Duncan, an open D&D and WoW nerd reveals that he has named his girl after one of his favourite superheroes, Peter Quill a.k.a. Starlord.  I just thought: that’s awesome!  First, you have to love the name, Quill.  Just adorable.  Second, it’s always a victory when jocks admit to being heavy geeks.  Score one for the booknerds!

Alien: Covenant Poster

Just beautiful.  H.R. Giger’s design of the Xenomorph has always been an eye catching, mixture of beauty and terror.  The look of the creatures in the new film seem to be an upgrade on an already creepy monster.  Culminating in this unbelievable poster I would wallpaper a room in.  A+.

Thanks booknerds, enough for today.  See you at the next Choice Cuts.


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  1. Sigh.. Starlord 😉 The one superhero I will never tire of..

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