Sunday Mise en Place (Mar. 27 to Apr. 2, ‘017)

Happy Sunday, and happy April.  It is hard to believe we are already a quarter way through ‘017.  Going too fast.  Either way, glad to be through the tough cold months that start the year and into spring.  With that I offer a warm welcome to the Sunday Mise en Place, where everything with me and the G.O.B. is summarized in one neat little package just for you.  I like to kick off the Mise en Place with what is going on in my world.  So, what’s going on?

What’s Going On-

Last day of spring break for the sprouts today.  Happy to get back into routine, though it was a great week.  Had lots of family fun and a necessary, thorough spring cleaning.  Woke up extra early this morning to make a big breakfast.  Y’know, to do the cliché cute family thing, creating memories and what not.  I got myself a pretty amazing family, can’t complain.

Submitted a story to my first writing competition of the year.  I just heard about this contest last Sunday and the deadline was on Friday.  So, I spent a couple good afternoons working on that.  I need to have a look later today which contest to enter next, and give myself more time than that.  But, I am happy with what I got sent off and think I gave myself a fair shot.  Also, on the writing front, I finally started catching up on some of the work I lost when my phone gave up.  Which is good news, my next blogging project is getting on track.

Oh yes!  And my dear beloved Calgary Flames have done the all important step of the season and clinched their spot in the playoffs.  I am pumped!  This city gets so electric during playoff games and hockey does not get better than the hunt for the illustrious Stanley Cup.  Go Flames go!

Last Weeks Posts-

  • Kicked out a glowing review of the first installment to Brandon Sanderson’s YA fantasy novels, Steelheart.
  • The first Chef Green’s Choice Cuts, premiering a new ongoing series. Check out trailers, book news, and other great stuff in one fun-sized article.  This week featuring Spider-Man, Waking Gods, Captain Underpants, and more.
  • With April rolling in we take a look ahead and the 5 must see movies premiering.  Warning: April is not an all-star month.


Oh, I never got to that special children’s book review, at least you have that to look forward to.  It’s the kick off to a new month, followers of G.O.B. are aware of what that means.  I feel like doing something fun… I’ll figure something out.  Anyways, all this and more, don’t miss out be sure to check in.

Thanks booknerds, and all you April fools.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. cynthiahm says:

    Go Flames! Enjoy the playoffs!!


  2. Good luck with the writing contest! Very exciting 🙂 Also glad you are catching up on some work. I know losing the phone was a pain!


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