Sunday Mise en Place (Apr. 3 to 9, ‘017)

Happy Sunday all of you amazing, wonderful people.  Welcome back to the Mise en Place where we talk about what is going on in my little world, and my little blog.  I’m a bit groggy this morning after a late night of writing, and a small child crawling into our bed at 3 this morning.  That just means more coffee is necessary.  Let’s just hop right into what’s going on while I get some dark roast ready.

What’s Going On-

It has been a pretty wacky week, and next week is shaking up to be an interesting one as well, with Jenn heading out on  Mom-cation.  Six days on Vancouver Island with her Granny, there is no better way I can think of for Jenn to reenergize herself.  I am excited for her ‘wellness retreat’.  However, it does leave me with the kids for the upcoming Easter long weekend.  So if you don’t hear from me, send help.

On Friday morning I got up to prepare the kids and get them off to school.  Zyler was zoned out, and Alex was passed out on the couch.  It turns out little Alex had woken at 1am and decided to wake up her brother.  The two of them pulled an all-nighter watching cartoons.  They were so out of it we had to pull them out of school and put them to bed.  What a ridiculous mess.  Now we are trying to teach Alex the concept of time.

A couple months ago I applied for a media pass to the Calgary Comic Expo.  With plans for a weekend special on the G.O.B..  Unfortunately, I was declined.  It was a bit of a shot in the dark but, with an overwhelming amount of people attending the Expo this year it was an even longer shot.  Oh well, there is always next year.  I still plan on attending, and of course, sharing that experience with all of you.

Last Weeks Posts-


I am working on a couple guest posts right now, and hope to have those sent off.  Also, I started yet another writing project, this one is collaborative, with pushing to make that a reality, and all of the other things I want to get written, I will mostly be focusing on much of that content.  So the theme for the blog will be simple, easy posts this week.  Maybe a review, thinking a Choice Cuts or Top 10, and possibly slip in a tag.  Hopefully I get a few things out on top of the extra writing, and having Momma gone on vacation.

Thanks booknerds, happy happiness.


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