Green Onion Live @ Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo / Mise en Place


Good morning good folks and fellow geeks.  Today is the day I make my way down to the biggest comic-con in Western Canada.  Already some great things have come out of the Calgary Expo including a surprise appearance by Stan Lee, Todd McFarline dropping hints about the next Spawn movie, and a live recording of Jay and Silent Bob Get Old.  Today is the last and final day of the 4 day show, and it’s time I pack my family up and get down there.

As a special treat I will be sharing my expo experience live with all of you.  By live I mean I will publish this as we are heading down to Stampede Park and as the days events unfold I will update this post throughout the day.  So, if you come back and check in periodically over the day there will be more content on what is going on.

Speaking of what’s going on, it’s Sunday.  Happy Sunday.  As such it is also Mise en Place day on the G.O.B..  So we don’t miss any of that fun and important stuff, you can look forward to a recap of this weeks post and what’s upcoming as the day progresses as well.

I will kick off with some great news!  Made my way to my good friend Eric’s house last night, and he had his recording studio all set up.  It’s officially underway and we got our first recording down for the upcoming podcast! Yay!  There was a bit of a learning curve, and it’s super weird hearing your own voice on recording.  But, we got some great content down and the project is a go, that’s what is important.   As I said we plan to collect a season together before any releases, so stay tuned.

And with that, let me get the kids ready and I will be updating this post with live action from the Calgary Comic Expo!


We have arrived!  Wristbands on and heading into the big show!  I got my Comic book authority shirt on. And check out the kids ready to party!  We have already seen some cosplay blowing the kids minds.  I could easily see Alex dressing up for this as she gets older.  We are about to enter the doors so stay posted!


So much shopping!  I knew the kids would want everything.  So far we’ve been able to hold them off but there is a lot of cool stuff.  Check out this epic collection of Lego figs.  Lots of great statues, and toys.  Jenn is happy because she found some stones and gems.  On to more of the things!


I need to give the sprouts offerings of foods now…


Things are getting good.  Just met a Calgary based comic publisher that just kicked off last month!  They are looking for writers and we exchanged some emails and sites.  Whoop!  I saw Todd McFarline, he was there in front of me.  Long line and no pics allowed sorry.  But check this out!  Real Ghostbusters!  There is an Alberta based group of Ghostbusters and they have all the gear.  Meeting these guys has been the highlight for the kids- well that and Pikachu.  Seriously, they keep talking as I am writing this.  Gotta go more to see.  Off to some memorabilia!


Just saw Jason Mewes and Ming Chen!  Some original Transformers concept art.  These sweet Bobba Fett planters.  And Jenn found this robot nurse, we had to get the shirt for her.


Grabbing these mystery boxes for the kids and all of a sudden I take a look beside me and it’s Ming Chen! Crazy day, we had a good talk about Comic Book Men.


Lets take a quick breather and catch up with happened on the G.O.B. this week-

  • Jeff Lemire is a hard working man and dropped Roughneck this month.  Check out my review.


    Just hit artist alley and came away with 4 or 5 original prints.  Including: Lumpy Space Princess!


    Scored my Expo exclusive merch, including this sweet messenger bag.  Which will easily be my writing bag for the days in the coffee shop.  And with that, I think we will call it a day at the Calgary Comic Expo.  The kids have been champs, saw lots of great things, picked up a few exclusives and originals.  We’re good.  I’ll do one more wrap up post at the end of the day.


    Just a quick wrap up on the day.  Man, Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo has gotten huge.  I remember the first couple years being in one or two rooms.  Now it covers the entire Calgary Stampede grounds, across 4 or 5 buildings.  One thing that has always drawn me to these shows are the comics, the artists and of course the writers.  It’s nice to score a collection of original prints of your favourite comic storylines mixed with an autograph or two.  I love seeing what these comic artists like to draw with their own freedom, style and expression.  And writers, well I want to know how you got here.

    This was the first major comic show I have brought my children to.  That comes with its own challenges.  But, at the same time it is great to see what draws them and what they find cool.  Zyler really enjoyed seeing the art work, and Alex, like I said, she will probably be cosplaying next year if she can.  Jenn had a great time, I think all the people and how many of us nerds there are blew her mind a bit.  But there is so many cool, unique things to see, she had a great time.

    As for me, I had a great time.  Had a few good chats with artists, writers, and publishers.  Bringing my family did not hold me back.  I wish I had some more time to wait and meet Stan Lee or Kevin Smith, but that’s okay.  Meeing Ming Chen was a surreal moment.  Seriously, I was just standing there waiting for the kids to make some choices and all of a sudden this guy comes up beside me and says “Hey!”  Sure enough, it’s Ming.  Jenn and I watch Comic Book Men every week.  It is a staple and ‘go-to’ for us.  So that was quite funny.  He is exactly how you would expect him to be.

    Anyways, thanks for coming to the con with me everybody!  Check in later this week for your pop culture history lesson.  A book review, I think… I dunno, I’m tired.  Time to go rest my feet.

    Thanks booknerds, thanks for a great live blog day!


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    1. Christy Luis says:

      Your kids!! 😂 Adorable! Thanks for the live pictures and updates, what a great idea!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Green Onion says:

        Thanks, they’re pretty cute I guess..

        Liked by 1 person

    2. This looks like so much fun! Adorable kiddos 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Green Onion says:

        They’re alright… Thanks

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah mine are kinda cool also 😂

          Liked by 1 person

    3. Weezelle says:

      What a fantastic idea for a post. I might borrow it if that’s okay (with appropriate attribution of course!). My kids would have loved that – especially the Pikachu bit.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Green Onion says:

        No of course I dont mind. It be fun to see someone elses version

        Liked by 1 person

    4. Your family is adorable! Aww, I loved this post. It was really fun too! I was intrigued by the idea and I loved the execution.


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