Mitosis by Brandon Sanderson

​I may be going a tad out of order with this review, having done reviews for Steelheart and Firefight.  Recently I purchased a new eReader, a Kobo Aura One, it’s spectacular.  Along with such I was able to get a bundle of Brandon Sanderson short stories/novellas that were not included in November’s Ars Arcanum release.  Basically, I have Sanderson stories coming out my ears right now, and though I love to make the G.O.B. diverse, catching up on all of these reads is personally valuable.  So, you’re stuck with a few more Sanderson reviews.  Beginning with wrapping up The Reckoners series.  As I was devouring book 3, Calamity, this bundle became available to me and I had to stop, rewind, and read Mitosis.

Mitosis is a short story/novelette that follows the events in Steelheart.  For easy reference it is referred to in the series as Reckoners 1.5.  Originally published in December ‘013, months after the original release of book one, Steelheart.  The story may not be vital to the overall plot of the series, though I would recommend reading it in its position as it is often referenced in book 2, Firefight.  Including having a heavy influence on the main characters motives moving forward.

Warning: Due to the nature of the story progressed thus far, there may be major spoilers in this review when referring to book one, Steelheart.  If you have not read Steelheart, please feel free to check out this review.  Then, when you’ve read that book because the review was so nice, and the book is just that good, I’ll still be here, missing you dearly.

Okay, now that the riff-raff is out of here, let me tell you how fun this little addition to The Reckoners is.

Mitosis takes place a short time after the assassination of Steelheart.  The Reckoners are in control of Newcago and David’s reputation as the Steelslayer has been spreading.  A new villain, Mitosis, rolls up demanding a battle with the notorious human.  With a unique ability to be the Multiple Man (he makes clones of himself) of The Reckoners universe.  Steelslayer, and crew must find his weakness and isolate the Epic before he populates the entire city and overcomes their fragile control.

Awesome, one of the most entertaining elements of the series, is the basic comic book themed subplots of discover new villain, and how to defeat him.  Going beyond that and pitting average humans against super villains is what makes these books great.  All we needed out of this novelette was a quick battle with a med-levelled Epic.  Of course, Sanderson knows what we want before we know we want it.  I would not be surprised if we saw another such book like this in the future, maybe a ten year anniversary.

Mitosis was enough of an entertaining character to make this extra piece worth not missing.  The powers of multiplying proved to be a difficult challenge for the humans- ultimately needing as many as possible- making you wonder, “how would I fight an Epic like this”.  His weakness, while slightly confusing, is a hilarious element to the overall character.

David is the man, what can I say?  I love reading the problem solving of this kid.  He figures out the puzzle of the Epics like no other.  While being hilarious with his metaphors and similes, which makes him so darn lovable.  I love reading from his perspective, and now having finished this series, I find myself wanting more.

That’s about that.  It is a short story that reads like a one-shot comic book.  The bonus villain makes this book a must read if you are, or have read The Reckoners series.  I am giving this novelette a 4/5 Onions, for staying true to what it is, and being highly entertaining.  No matter what you can read of Brandon Sanderson’s it’s always worth it.

Thanks booknerds, you’re like a panda parade on a Tuesday.


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  1. TeacherofYA says:

    I haven’t read Sanderson yet: I really should!
    And I love Panda 🐼 Parades!

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    1. Green Onion says:

      You say that everytime, its time to get on it, haha. Who doesnt love panda parades?

      Liked by 2 people

      1. TeacherofYA says:

        I know! I can’t believe I haven’t read anything by him…awhile back, someone claimed he bought reviews on Amazon, so I stayed away. Whether it’s true or not, enough ppl tout his books…I need to get a move on, Green! 🤦‍♀️

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Green Onion says:

        Haha, I dont see why the guy would have to pay for reviews, he’s kinda a big deal. There really is only one way to tell if you like it…


  2. Those green onions are awesome!!!

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    1. Green Onion says:

      Thanks, got some new things going on over here

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      1. New is good 😉 You never disappoint!


  3. Weezelle says:

    I’ve never heard of anyone actually owning a Kobo – how is it.? I feel so bad I caved in to the Kindle…

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    1. Green Onion says:

      I love the Kobo, they actually seem to be much more popular in my area. I checked out all my options, I just love the feel of the Kobo Aura One, im happy

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