Calamity by Brandon Sanderson

The Reckoners series was just what I needed, at the right time.  After a bit of a reading slump to kick off ‘017, diving into Steelheart reinvigorated my need to read.  I savoured it all, taking my time, and reading a few other books and stories simultaneously.  Over the last year I have tried to delve myself into the YA genre, without much luck.  Sure, I found a few fun reads but nothing that stood out.  I should have know that the answer would be Brandon Sanderson.  I love the author for his complex world building, and his interweaved Cosmere universe.  This series wasn’t about those giant, inspiring ideas, as much as it was the fun stuff.  Great characters, action fueled plots, heists, super powers, humour.  Each book was filled cover to cover with entertainment.  Book three did it’s job of raising the bar, making it that much harder to put the series away for good.

Calamity is a bit past being a fresh book, published in February ‘016.  What took me so long to read this series?  Actually, it was a selfish need to have the collection in complete hard covers.  See, I had previously found Steelheart, unread, at a local 2nd hand book store.  When Calamity hit stores, I scooped up a first edition.  The hardcover of Firefight was much more of a hunt.  Finally finding my copy at the most unlikely of places earlier this year.  Sitting amongst the dusty, stained romance novels and cookbooks in the Value Village thrift store.  Of course I had read reviews, and heard how amazing this series was.  After my long wait, I never expected it to be as enjoyable as it was.  I should know by now, Sanderson never disappoints.

Spoiler-iffic warning!  Now, if you haven’t read SteelheartFirefight, and maybe even Mitosis, than you probably won’t want to read this.  There is some links for you- heck, here’s another random one–  I would get outta here if I were you, things are about to get nasty.

Are they gone? Okay, let’s get into this dirty little story.  After the events of Firefight, David is now leading the last of the Reckoner’s, as they are being hinted down by their former boss, Prof.  Kicking off with this resourceful group finding some new tech, and making a powerful ally.  With plans to meet Prof face on, the team follows leads to another unique city, Atlanta, the city of salt.  When they arrive Prof is already doing his best to reign over the salty city.  Both sides try their best to end this war for good using the plans left by Rosalia.  As things come to a climactic battle, David does his best to save all of his friends and enemies.  Meeting a few surprise faces as the trilogy unravels, and reveals all it’s sweet little secrets.

The surviving team of Reckoners is the best crew thus far in the series.  R.I.P. all the characters we lost in Babilar, but a necessity for this great conclusion.  Leaving David in the lead, with a strong mix of players from the first two installments, joined by a powerful Epic learning to live with her powers.  These were all the characters that you wanted more of, minus the presumed dead, Tia.  I loved finally getting the opportunity to see into the backstory of some of these supporting pieces.  While David has proven himself the most capable of leaders, and awesome of Reckoners.

Ildithia, also known as, Atlanta, was another knock out in terms of world building.  Newcago was fantastic, Babilar stepped up the game,- and is probably my favourite- this new city is something completely different, and never seen before.  It’s difficult for me to talk about how rad this world was without spoiling anything.  I will just say this: Calamity is worth reading if not for the city alone.

One of my favourite elements of the series is the powers, as I mentioned in the Mitosis review.  There are some really fun new additions to the Epic catalogue in this one.  My favourite being a play off of Ant-Man, and how well that worked for the story.  And of course, we get to see Calamity in all of his epic glory.  He was a bit of a twist on what you would expect; overall he was a fun villain.

Speaking of the big conclusion; Sanderson proves once more that he knew what he was doing from the first word on the page.  Everything wraps up in an action packed fashion.  The things that David, and in turn us, learned all lead up to this understandable finish.  We don’t get many full-out, wrap up this story for good, conclusions from Mr. Sanderson, and this one gives me major hype for an ending to Mistborn, Stormlight, and the Cosmere in general.  I can trust in this author that the end of all of his works will make sense, and be well worth the wait.  Unlike some other unmentionable authors that flop on endings, we can rely on Sanderson to give us something big.

I loved it, you know that, really, if you’re reading this review than you know how good this series is already.  Why you’re even here now and not just reading the book is beyond me.  If you’ve already read the series than, damn, that was good, eh?  It wasn’t the big epic fantasy I am more used to from the author, however, it was pure enjoyment the entire way through.  I gave Steelheart a 4/5.  I gave Mitosis a 4/5.  I gave Firefight a 4/5.  I’ve had fun at every step of the series and I give Calamity a 4/5.  An easy 4/5 for the series as a whole.  If you are reading these reviews thinking you’ll never read these books; you’re missing out on the most entertaining twist on the superhero genre available.

Thanks booknerds, as sad as I am to see The Reckoners over, rumours are that there will be a new series intertwined with this universe.  A YA version of the Cosmere sounds amazing.


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  1. Jason says:

    Good review. I still have to read Calamity. I’ll read it sometime this year.

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    1. Green Onion says:

      So good. If you liked the first two you’ll be happy with the conclusion

      Liked by 1 person

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