Sunday Mise en Place (May 29 to June 4, ‘017)

Happy Sunday, and a happy June. Welcome back to the Sunday Mise en Place, a weekly series on the G.O.B. where I get the opportunity to share what is going on in my world.  Another important element of the SMeP, is to snapshot the past weeks blog posts, and give a few hints as to what to look forward to.  Honestly, it’s been a pretty long week, so, lets just get right into what’s going on, shall we?

What’s Going On-

The name of the game this week has been family… Well, it’s always family for me, but I mean extended family.  It’s like I can go a month or two without seeing my brothers and then there’s suddenly a week where I see them everyday.  We also had a big family picnic yesterday, where we get the chance to visit with aunts, uncles, and cousins we only get to visit a few times a year.  Also, due to some extenuating circumstances my niece, Destinee, has come to stay with us temporarily.  No matter the circumstances its always good to see the family get together, and just how much love is there.  Despite all of that, me and Alex were able to fit in a daddy-daughter date last night, and I took her to see the new live action Beauty and the Beast.  It was very much a girly movie, she loved it, more though, we got to spend some time together during a crazy week.

Due to these family situations though, we missed a couple of our last podcast recordings.  Hopefully, we get right back on that train and fit a couple sessions in this week.  I did, however, get the chance to clean up, and mess around with the G.O.B. logo a bit more.  I am in love with the new Batman-esque logo that is currently dominating my social media.  I did get a couple other nice pieces done, for another time.

Last Weeks Posts-

  • We took a gander at the 5 must see movies in June, and holy, who woulda guessed how good Wonder Woman has done this weekend, eh?
  • I can’t believe it’s been a whole year, but Thursday was the 2nd June in Pop Culture History, so I added a few tidbits.  And lets not forget, it’s National Accordion Awareness Month.


Oh, I am excited to do a review for a classic graphic novel that I hadn’t read since high school.  I have a new favourite video on the internets, and I can’t wait to share that too.  And, it’s been a while since I did a good ol’ kidlit review, so I’ll probably squeeze something in there.  Other than that, Jenn has a big Nurses conference this week, so I don’t know what kinda time I’ll have to share some other things.  And, as always, sometimes I am inspired by the most random of things so you never know what to expect.  The only way to find out is to check back in.

Thanks booknerds, have fun nerding out on your books.


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