National Accordion Awareness Month #NAAM

Usually I do not like to get too serious on my blog, however, June is a very important month.  I am not talking about LGBTQIA Pride Month- though much respect.  This year, for June, I have decided to support another valuable cause.  Therefore, I will be celebrating National Accordion Awareness Month.  Today I would love to share that awareness with all of you.  Please remember, this is not National Accordion Appreciation Month- not sure if that’s a thing- you don’t have to like accordions to celebrate, you just need to be aware.  Aware of what?  I honestly do not know.  Either way lets get, er… awared. Let’s start the awarenessing?  Time to get our aware on.

So… accordions are a thing.

Well, okay, accordions are a thing that are unlike any other thing.  I mean, if you had an accordion sitting out in your home it would stand out amongst the other things.  Accordions are not a thing you see everyday.

Or do you?

Is that what accordion awareness is about?  Have you people been ignoring abandoned accordions?  If you walked past an accordion on the side of the road would you stop to be aware of it?  Probably not, and I’m appalled.  When’s the last time you stopped and thought to yourself “accordions are a thing”?  Well other than a few seconds ago when you read the words.  If I wasn’t here to remind you of accordion thing-y-ness, you most likely wouldn’t have done it on your own.  That might make you feel awful, for being so ignorant towards a thing.  I’m not gonna lie, you should.  You should feel absolutely terrible for not thinking about accordions.

We all know accordions make music, but how much do you know about them?  Stop.  Don’t answer, it’ll probably disappoint me.  You can stew on your own lack of accordion knowledge.  See how that makes you feel.  How would you feel if accordions didn’t understand what you were.  You don’t hear accordions saying “I dunno, I guess humans are an animal of some sort”.  Is that fair?  Is that right?  That accordions are more aware of us than we are of them.  No.

Accordion fact time:

1. Accordions are a bellow driven free-reed aerophone

Did you know that?  Did you know that the aerophones free-reeds are bellow driven?  The bellows are driving.  And, the reeds are free- just like you and me.  And, my despicable spell checker doesn’t even recognize the word aerophone.  So there’s that.

2. There are multiple designs and styles of accordions

Accordions are unique, just like people.  You can’t just call an accordion an accordion because “all accordions look alike”.  Next time pay attention to whether it’s a unisonoric, right-handed manual, chromatic button accordion, or a bisonoric, left-hand free bass system.

3. Bandoneons, concertinas, flutinas, garmons, and trikitixas are not accordions

C’mon people!  We are not celebrating National Garmon Awareness Month.  Sure, they’re bellow driven, free-reed aerophones, that does not mean they should automatically be classified as an accordion.  A trikitixa is a two-row basque diatonic button instrument with right-hand rows keyed a fifth apart and twelve unisonoric bass buttons.  Obviously.  Rude.

4. The term ‘squeeze-box’ is not offensive

They’re cool with it.

5. There is accordion music everywhere

Some of the most popular performers to use accordions are: Tom Waits, Styx, Twenty One Pilots, NOFX, Emir Vildić, Arcade Fire, and the Beach Boys.  The most famous accordionist would be, Weird Al Yankovic.  So yeah… accordions are cool.

6. The Pigini Mythos is the most valuable accordion in the world

Hand made by expert reed maker, Gino Pigini- if you don’t know who that is than, for shame- is said to be worth $40 000.  Wassup!

The more you know-

I hope everybody is feeling a little informed. Lets have a productive National Accordian Awareness Month. Spread the word- accordions are a thing! Take some time yourself this month to be aware of accordions. I will end with a video of a shirtless man in a toque, playing Super Mario music on an accordion.

Thank you accordion enthusiasts, may your bellows forever drive your free-reeds.



9 Comments Add yours

  1. For Tyeth says:

    As a musical Jedi I am aware of Accordions (and other species), and thought you may like to know about a great Accordion player from the Outer Rim (that’s the UK folks) His name is Accordion (Accky G) George and appears on the BBC television show “Hacker Time” Check him out on YouTube when you get the chance! Thanks for a fun post.


    1. Green Onion says:

      I will do that, thank you for spreading awareness


  2. For Tyeth says:

    His full name is George Zuchowski (just in case the search engine doesn’t return any hits for Accordion George!)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. As a kid (and this is 100% serious) we had an accordion in our house! It was my great-grandfather’s and, from time to time, Dad would break it out and do some accordioning. So between that and the above mentioned Weird Al, I’m not only AWARE of accordions but I APPRECIATE them too. They are a wonderful part of both my childhood and my adult life…although I couldn’t play one. My brother probably could though. He’s the musically talented one in the family.

    Thanks for bringing some much needed attention to the accordion!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Green Onion says:

      Ahaha, thats awesome. Thanks for sharing your #NAAM story. When I was a kid my big brother took accordion lessons, and I have never stopped making fun of him for it. Between that and the chess club I had plenty of ammo for his wedding.

      Liked by 1 person

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