Sunday Mise en Place (June 5 to 11, ‘017)

Welcome to another round of the Sunday Mise en Place.  The weekly series is where I get to pour it all out, from what is happening in my world to my blog.  Anyways, this is going to be a quickie today so let’s get right into what is going on…

What’s Going On-

I had a pretty silly week on the blog, just sharing some more ridiculous posts.  It’s been good, a little bit of stress relief by having fun with the G.O.B..  It poured off into yesterdays podcast recording as well.  We decided we were taking it a little too serious, and doing a little too much.  Therefore, yesterday we started a new format, in a new direction.  Which means, you will be able to get some of that content a lot sooner than we planned.

Zyler lost two teeth this week, prompting double visits from the tooth fairy.  And, how does a kid spend his tooth fairy money these days?  Fidget spinners, obviously.  He is caught right up on the fidget spinner train.  Picking him up from school you can see a hundred kids with these things, its getting crazy.  What ever happened to pogs? And then there’s poor Alex, whose hands just aren’t big enough to fidget spin.

Having my niece Destinée staying with us for an indefinite amount of time has had some positive results.  Such as, Jenn and I were able to get out the other night.  As parents of young kids, it is pretty rare that we can just step out for an hour and grab a drink on a patio.  It was really nice.  And, tomorrow we will be going to see Tool live!  Thanks to some early birthday presents from Nana, we get to see one of our favourite bands perform.  This will be my fifth Tool concert, and I am just as pumped as the first time.

Last Weeks Posts-


I still owe you guys a couple comic reviews and I have a kidlit review on its way as well.  But, like last week, writing is my stress relief and sometimes I just need to write for pure fun.  So, I guess we’ll just kinda see what happens this week.  Though, there is only one way for you to see what happens, and that’s to check back in to the G.O.B.

Thanks booknerds, keep on spinning those fidgets.


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