Sunday Mise en Place (June 19 to 25, ‘017)

Summer has officially arrived, happy day, welcome to the first Mise en Place of the dry, hot season.  The kids are done the school year come Wednesday, and then we have to figure out what to do with them all the time.  And soon, I will be searching for new innovative ways to defeat the heat.  Luckily our home is pretty cool, but, you cant hide from the sun all day.  Anyways, lets get on with the Mise en Place-ing, talk a little a this and that, and start with what’s going on…

What’s Going On-

Guys, I swear, the theme the last few weeks has been stress.  A lot of sorting things out, planning ahead, and dealing with aftermath.  Jenn and I have faced a bit of a gauntlet as of late.  Today, I’m shaking all that off.  Going back to the happy, go-lucky Onion that we all know and love.  I’ve better handled stress in the past by combating it with positive, optimistic energy, and that is what we need.  And really, that’s not so hard.  I mean, the kids are happy and healthy, Jenn and I have never been stronger, and life’s good.  And, my poor blog, has not received the attention it deserves, so I back in line today.

Oh yeah, back in line figuratively and literally.  We are off to face phone companies today and move our plans around *sarcastic yay*.  We’ve been getting played for far too long by Bell.  Bell is known in Canada as the largest provider of smart phone service, they also happen to be Canada’s largest provider of run-arounds, mysterious charges, and terrible customer service.  So, wish us luck as we hunt down a sustainable plan today.

Birthday parties.  Ugh.  Zyler, suddenly Mr. Popular, had two birthday parties to attend consecutively this weekend.  Then with both our children having the dreaded summer birthdays, we have had to put some effort into planning ahead for that.  Including baking the cupcakes and what not for Alex to share at her preschool, before they say goodbye forever.  As a parent, birthdays are such a stress because we all remember how important these events were to us when we were little sprouts.  Jenn and I are September babies, so these summer birthdays are a bit of a challenge for us,- any tips?- but we will do our best, of course.

Last Weeks Posts-

  • Scrabble is no joke.  It is a risky game of words and strategy.  Make sure before you pull out the 100 word tiles you read The Hazards of Scrabble.


Last week of the month means we can start looking ahead at next months movies, including one of my most anticipated.  Time to wrap up the three part look at A.D.. And, next Saturday is Canada Day, in fact it is Canada’s 150th birthday, so I’ll put together something for that, while re-posting last years Canada Day post.  All this and more as we stroll into the long summer days.  Be sure to check back in this week, as not to miss the fun.

Thanks booknerds, stay cool.


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