150 Things I Appreciate About Canada

1. Chanterelle Mushrooms: The best thing I have ever tasted that comes directly from the Earth, growing in our backyard.

2. Tim Hortons: For many, many Canadians, it’s an easy claim that this is the best coffee available, and I owe a debt for getting me up on plenty of rough mornings just so I could get my extra-large double double.

3. Peter Mansbridge: The face of CBC news for as long as I can remember, this journalist/icon had his well earned retirement the night before Canada’s 150th.

4. Toronto Raptors: After plenty of failed attempts to bring the NBA to Canada, it’s hard to believe this team has lasted 22+ years.

5. Moose: Seeing one of these giants taking a mud bath is a surreal experience.

6. Hockey Night in Canada: It’s good to know that if nothing else, on Saturday’s you can always rely on a good ol’ hockey game, a tradition going since 1933.

7. Poutine: And not that lazy shredded cheese, or mass produced gravy poutine that has become common, but a hand made product, with proper ingredients.  Nothing like a well made poutine.

8. Robert Munsch: Arguably the greatest children’s book author, ever.

9. Canada Dry Ginger Ale: The taste of having a cold.

10. Egg Carton: a Canadian invention, I am grateful to have a practical way to carry my eggs.

11. Community Ice Rinks: It’s pretty awesome that we can just freeze a sheet of ice, and have a game of shinny with our neighbors.

12. Deadpool: The great, comedic, fourth-wall breaking, comic character that loves the name Regina so much, they wanted to build him a statue.

13. Ryan Reynolds: For bringing Deadpool to life.

14. Regina: For being called Regina.

15. Polar Bears: The cute, lovable giants that have become the face of global warming.

16. Jockstrap: For obvious reasons.

17. Kid Koala: The brilliant turntablist with one of the most unique sounds in Canada.

18. Much Music: For defining the early 90’s.

19. Nanaimo Bars: Oh god, Nanaimo bars are delicious.  I’ll spare you the terrible joke that is associated with these wonderful treats.

20. Winnie the Pooh: Sure, the creator is not Canadian, neither is the 100-acre woods, but Winnie is certainly named after Winnipeg.

21. Heritage Minutes: The 60 second television clips that featured important moments in Canadian history, and why I know Winnie is named after Winnipeg.

22. Banff National Park: One of my families favourite places to go, and one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

23. Michael Cera: For being Scott Pilgrim.

24. Bryan Lee O’Malley: For creating Scott Pilgrim.

25. Scott Pilgrim: Scott Pilgrim.

26. Sex Bob-omb: One of the greatest fictional Canadian bands.

27. The Zit Remedy: The other greatest fictional Canadian band.

28. Snowmobiles: For being a blast, and another crazy fun thing to do in the miserable winter.

29. CBC Radio: For somehow still being worth a listen, I actually really enjoy CBC talk radio.

30. Newfies: Sorry we rip on you so hard, we love you, eh.

31. The Caeser: Who would have thought a drink of Vodka, tomato juice, and clam broth would be delicious?  A Canadian, that’s who.

32. Instant Replays: Despite the fact that most the time the replay makes me more angry.

33. Santa Claus: I heard he’s pretty cool.

34. A Positive Reputation: Most the world believes we are polite, well-mannered, good people, and we are, but, that reputation comes from everybody representing our nation well.  Way to go us.

35. Colour coded money: It just makes sense.

36. Adapting English Spelling: I am pretty glad I spell colour, colour, not color.

37. The Metric System: Because, duh.

38. Metric: They’re pretty good too.

39. Canadian Bacon: For fitting on my English muffin breakfast sandwich flawlessly.

40. Canadian Bacon: The brilliant comedy film from 1995, featuring the wonderful-

41. John Candy: Oh, I miss John Candy movies.

42. Drumheller: An almost magical little town where we go to learn all about dinosaurs.

43. Dropping pennies: I am so glad to not have a bunch of pennies weighing down my pocket anymore.

44. Universal Health Care: Because, duh.

45. Chris Hadfield: For being an amazing astronaut, and about a hundred other things.

46. Eh: I like to say it, I do.  I think we all do.

47. Degrassi Jr. High: That show was pretty awesome growing up.

48. Kevin Smith: Who is not a Canadian, but does more to promote Canadiana than many Canadian celebrities.  Let’s make him official.

49. Royal Roads University: For being the X-mansion in the X-Men films.

50. For Giving My Grandparent Somewhere Safe to go After the War.

51. Big Foot: I know you are here…

52. Lacrosse: It’s alright I guess.

53. Tom Green: I don’t know what happened to him but he was pretty flipping funny.

54. 2002 Men’s Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Team: Way to go!

55. 2002 Women’s Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Team: Way to go!

56. 2006 Women’s Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Team: Way to go!

57. 2010 Men’s Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Team: Way to go!

58. 2010 Women’s Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Team: Way to go!

59. 2014 Men’s Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Team: Way to go!

60. 2014 Women’s Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Team: Way to go!

61. Maple Syrup: For making breakfast awesome.

62. Joe Shuster: For creating Superman!

63. Rocky Mountains: For being abundant, beautiful, and fun.

64. Bernard Callebaut Chocolate: Some of the best chocolate available in the world.

65. Maple Walnut Fudge: Oh, now I want some.

66. Trivial Pursuit: Which can be a pretty fun game.

67. Sylvain Neuvel: The Themis Files are amazing books.

68. Not Having an Abundant Amount of Deadly Spiders: At least there is somewhere safe to go.

69. Bilingualism: We like to share.

70. House Hippos: I don’t like them eating all my peanut butter, but they are so cute.

71. Kim Campbell: The first female Canadian Prime Minister.

72. This Hour has 22 Minutes: Pure Canadian comedy.

73. Calgary Flames: and heroes like Lanny McDonald, or Jerome Iginla.

74. Canadian Flag: I like it, I’m proud of it.

75. Our Electoral Process: Where the loser of the popular vote doesn’t win.

76. James Howlett: The Wolverine!

77. Weapon X Project: Well atleast thanks to Marvel for thinking we would be capable of such a big project.

78. Canadian Pickers: Well you try, but, you love Canada.

79. Rat Free Alberta: I hadn’t seen a rat till I was in my 20’s.

80. Alanis Moresette: Jagged Little Pill.

81. P.E.I. Mussels: For being delicious.

82. Underground Railroad: It’s nice to know we’ve always been cool.

83. Grizzly Bears: At least we have an animal that could combat some of the worlds most deadliest animals if there was an animal war.

84. Jeff Lemire: My personal favourite comic book writer/artist.

85. Eat-more: So delicious, so terrible for you.

86. Montreal: For being one of the coolest cultures in the world.

87. The Zipper: Good invention, makes putting on pants easy.

88. Rush: The iconic Canadian rock band.

89. Justin Trudeau: For being the complete opposite of the American president.

90. Marijuana: It’s gonna be legal, and that is pretty cool.

91. B.C.: For growing the worlds greatest marijuana.

92. Wayne Gretzky: The greatest hockey player ever.

93. Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart: The best there is, there was, and ever will be.

94. The Raccoons: The wonderful cartoon of the 90’s.

95. Electronic Music Synthesizer: An interesting, but commonly used instrument.

96. Micro-breweries:  You have to love the abundant amount of local, hand crafted brews.

97. Tobogganing: It’s a blast.

98. Vancouver Island: My favourite place on Earth.

99. Tofino: Surfing in Canada, hell yeah!

100. Hockey: Hockey, hockey, hockey!

101. David Suzuki: The enviromental activist who has taught generations of Canadians to take care of our land.

102. Smoked Salmon: Yum.

103. Don Cherry: Who is famous for being an angry hockey fan, in a plaid suit.  Oh Canada!

104. Caramilk: The best chocolate bar.

105. Bob and Doug McKenzie: Pure comedy goldenness!

106. Alpha Flight: Canada’s own super team.

107. Jay Baruchel: Good Canadian guy.

108. Tragically Hip: Iconic Canadian music.

109. Anne of Green Gables: Cause I have to.

110. Toronto Blue Jays: Thank you for keeping Canada relevent in baseball.

111. Saskatoon Berry Pie: The best of all the pies.

112. Canadian Pacific Railway: The best way to see the greatest nation.

113. Michael J. Fox: Who travelled to the past, and back to the future.

114. CanadaArm: Our biggest contribution to space exploration.

115. Terry Fox: And all that has contributed to him and Cancer research.

116. Lobster Roll: I am getting real hungry.

117. Calgary Stampede: The greatest outdoor show on Earth, or something like that.

118. William Shatner: From Star Trek or something.

119. Ron MacLean: The face of Canadian sports.

120. The Light Bulb: Cause that was a good idea.

121. Yann Martel: The amazing author of Life of Pi.

122. Garbage Bags: Grateful to have somewhere to put all my garbage.

123. We Have Indoor plumbing: Cause you know, that’s good.

124. Montreal Smoked Meat: Seriously, I need to eat soon.

125. Dan Aykroyd: Our very own Ghostbuster.

126. Multiculturalism: We are all friends.

127. Freedom: Yeah, I can say whatever I want on my blog, and that’s a good thing.

128. Dudley Do-Right: Who makes us look like responsible people.

129. Seth Rogan: Probably our most relevant comedian right now.

130. Kraft Dinner: For keeping college students alive.

131. Beavers: For doing there thing.

132. Neil Young: For doing his thing.

133. Gordie Howe: The original hockey all-star.

134. Montreal style Bagels: Thanks for making bagels good Montreal.

135. Nova Scotia: Pure beauty.

136. Being Able to Laugh at Ourselves: We may be the butt of a lot of America’s jokes, but we’re cool with it.

137. Jonathan Torrens: Who has been proud to be Canadian always.

138. “Aboot”: Never heard anyone say it, but its funny.

139. Sabretooth: Canada’s deadliest super villain.

140. Glosettes: Chocolate coated raisins and peanuts, alright.

141. O Canada!: What an anthem!

142. Peacekeepers: We aren’t starting anything, we just want everyone to get along.

143. We are not the U.S.A.: Sorry.

144. A Safe Place for my Children.

145. My community.

146. My backyard.

147. My home.

148. My friends.

149. My family.

150. The way we are partying for 150!


7 Comments Add yours

  1. That was great! Especially the Poutine! Amd Ginger Ale..and the Flames..okay the entire thing is awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Green Onion says:

      Thanks, lots to be grateful for


  2. great list. love my double double and poutine

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Green Onion says:

      I had such a good poutine for the celebrations yesterday


  3. C.W.A.R says:

    A brilliant list that makes me miss a country that I love.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Laura Beth says:

    Congratulations on 150 years! Here’s to at least 150 more!

    Liked by 1 person

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