Sunday Mise en Place (June 26 to July 2, ‘017)

Good day, late start to the Sunday Mise en Place.  Took the family to watch last nights Canada Day 150 fireworks, a fantastic show was put on downtown Calgary, and my children’s minds were blown.  Navigating home turned out to be a mess and we didn’t get the children in bed till 1AM.  Needless to say, it was a late, groggy start this morning.  Then I woke to discover the President of the United States of America makes wrestling memes now… so there’s that.  Anyways, on with the program.  The Sunday Mise en Place is my weekly post to share the comings and goings of blogging and life, and I always like to start with what’s going on-

What’s Going On-

It’s officially summer break for the sprouts.  You’ll be happy to know Zyler passed grade 1 with flying colours, and Alex made it the whole year through pre-school without giving up, or you know, getting kicked out.  I kid, they both did great, and now we get our youngest ready for kindergarten.  Holy heck.  But first the long summer of hearing “I’m bored” if we don’t distract them for longer than an hour.

It was quite the celebration for Canada Day 150, and we spent most of the day downtown.  Heck, most of the city was down there, or out of town.  If you weren’t at any of these celebrations the rest of the city was dead.  I have been to plenty of Canada Day celebrations in Calgary but this one was absolutely different, in all my years I’ve never seen the downtown core so busy, with something going on at every corner.

We also hit up the National Music Centre, and Canadian Music Hall of Fame.  A brand new attraction in Calgary that was free for yesterdays celebrations.  Some amazing things there, including Corey Hart’s famous sunglasses, which he enjoyed wearing in the evening.  The cutest though, they had microphones set up for kids to play with pitch, and auto-tune, and what-not, and Alex- always the performer- stopped the crowd with her 4-year-old, innocent rendition of O Canada.  It was a good day.

Last Weeks Post-


Besides a look at July, and all of its pop culture history glory, I think this may be a comic book centric week.  I read one tpb that was highly recommended by my friend My Comic Relief.  I still have to wrap up my look at A.D..  Also, my favourite ongoing series dropped a new book.  Other than a bunch of graphic novel reviews I do have one book review coming in the next little bit, and it’s a gooder.  And, the reading dynamic has changed in our home, I may feel the need to write on that.  All of this, more, and other things, on their way, so stay tuned to the G.O.B.

Thanks booknerds, can’t wait to see what other memes the POTUS comes up with.


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  1. I feel a lot of pressure now. I hope the {to be named/revealed later in the post] trade paperback lived up to my hype. If so, yay! I captured it. If not, listen, uh I get excited sometimes. I get excited a lot okay! Please don’t hold it against me if it under performed!

    My emotional turbulence aside, the Canada festivities sound lovely. I particularly like the “Canada 150” photo op! Whenever I have the chance to take a picture in or around giant 3D words, I am so in.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Green Onion says:

      Don’t worry this isnt another Spidey/Deadpool disaster. It’s a book I know you love passionately and thats why I scooped it up as quickly as I could. That picture is cute eh? We had a few good ones yesterday, there was a bunch set up, but I liked how they climbed inside.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I love pictures! I know we live in an age when we let pictures live on our phones/computers but I dig printing them out. I’m sure you ended up with a lot of great candidates for framing and hanging from this outing too! That one reminds me of a similar picture I have of my brother and I, along with a friend of ours, in one of those similar “LOVE” statues in New York City.

        I’m even more intrigued by your upcoming post now… And I’m happy it’s not a Spidey/Deadpool redux :).


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