Sunday Mise en Place (July 10 to 16, ‘017)

Happy Sunday, happy Mise en Place, and most importantly, happy last day of the Calgary Stampede.  Oh thank god.  It’s time for all of the pretend cowboys to put their cow-gear away for 355 days of the year, and country music can go back to those radio stations no one ever listens to.  And I can post a Mise en Place without having to complain about it.  Anyways, lots going on, so before I get into what’s happened and what will happen, let’s talk about what’s going on-

What’s Going On-

Well, as my little birthday girl said earlier this week, it’s all about her.  Besides the birthday events of mini-golf and dinner, Jenn’s mother and sisters came to celebrate the big 5 this weekend.  Which left me with a lot of house cleaning for the soon to be in-laws.  Ironically most the cleaning is the aftermath of the birthday star.  Especially finding her favourite places in the kitchen to stash her least favourite dinner meals.  Hint: if you smear it under the table, or push it behind the fridge, mom and dad will never find out.  Gross.

Further with Nana and the aunties coming to town, a major event happened in our lives.  Jenn’s mother met my parents for the first time, ever.  I know that sounds crazy with Jenn and I raising two kids together and spending years with one another, it just never worked out.  So that went as well as those things go I suppose.  With worlds colliding.  It mostly felt like an inevitability.  And Alex had all the love for her week long birthday party.

Which means Jenn and I scored one of those ultra-rare- parents of young children- date nights.  On an unassuming whim to throw twenty bucks into the slots at the casino, I quickly lost twenty bucks.  But then, as Jenn starts pulling on the machine she magically turned $20 into $380 in a matter of three minutes.  We walked at that point, to enjoy a great night with some unexpected cash.

And as for the podcast- which I know you are all waiting for, and super excited about.  The site is ready, the logo is ready, and I believe Eric has the editing ready, the only thing is, with everything going on, Eric and I haven’t been to connect this weekend yet.  We need to go over some of the details, figure out a hosting site, and we’ll be good to go.  So, hopefully I can get away from the family activities for a bit today to go hash this out.  If I do, you’ll be listening real soon.  If I don’t, you should all send us money so we can take a day off to get it done, haha.  Either way, we are near launch and it will be happening as soon as we can collaborate our lives together.

Last Weeks Posts, er… post-

  •  With Alex’s 5th birthday also comes the continual G.O.B. birthday series where we find out her Top 5 books, I also threw in her current favourite movies.  Check it out.


I have reviews, reviews, reviews in store.  Books, graphic novels, kidlit, I got a bit of everything to talk about.  Finishing up a really great YA book that I am really excited to do a review for.  Also, I need some humour back in the blog, so expect some classic G.O. outlandishness in the next couple weeks.  And, I swear, this podcast is coming, just a matter of time.  So stay tuned, things are about to get good, check back into the G.O.B.

Thanks booknerds, happy end of Stampede.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Nancy says:

    Drop everything, and make the podcast happen! #waitingwithbatedbreath


  2. Vijayalakshmi Harish says:

    A very happy birthday to the birthday girl 😊


  3. Happiest of birthdays to the youngin’ ❤


  4. Zezee says:

    All sounds pretty awesome. I’m looking for the podcast. I need summin to listen to while at work.

    Liked by 1 person

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