Deconstructed: Amazing Spider-Man #244

With all the hype after Ned Leeds appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and the potential of that leading into a Hobgoblin storyline, I thought a throwback to some classic Hobgoblin comics was in order. Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of Hobgoblins first appearance in #238. The mystery of who Hobgoblin truly was/is one of the longest in Spidey history, and was met with much controversy between Spider-Man creators, editors, and fans alike. The extended run was a contrived mish-mash of different writers opinions- much like a certain clone series- and each creator had a different idea of who the new goblin should be. All in attempt to bring back some of the excitement that surrounds Green Goblin storylines, without having to bring anybody back from the dead… again. Today there have been countless Hobgoblins terrorizing New York, even Deadpool once donned the medieval cowl. At least with todays look at ASM #244, we look at the original plan for the Hobgoblin from his original creators.

The Cover-

Classic John Romita Jr. cover of Spider-Man doing what Spider-Man does best, dodging the heck out of pumpkin bombs. If you were a consistent ASM reader back in 1983, this cover would have driven you nuts. With the Hobgoblin mystery going on for a few months, his first appearance in ASM #238, he hadn’t been the centre of the story since that books follow up. And, all the fans wanted to know “who was the Hobgoblin?”. The creators really knew how to draw these storylines out, and drive fans nuts.


What caramel popcorn has to do with baseball, I’m not sure. Why they think calling this little blond-haired white kid a ‘cracker jack’ is anything less than offensive, I have no idea. This whole ad doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. But a big congrats to #15 Scottie ‘Cracker Jack’ Jack, for hitting the playoff winning homerun, I guess.


Marvel Comics Group

The Amazing Spider-Man



Sept. 1983

Price: This issue is actually the first of a $.15 raise from $.60 to $.75 (Todays worth: $2 to $5)

Written by Roger Stern

Pencils by John Romita Jr.

Ink by Klaus Janson

Colours by Bob Sharen

Letters by Joe Rosen

The Story-

As seen in the title page, Felicia Hardy is all kissy-kissy with Spider-Man while she recovers at the hospital from injuries sustained in a previous battle with Doctor Octopus. Spidey makes a quick exit, classic Spidey, always ditching his girls abruptly. Leaving another woman, even one as capable as Black Cat wondering what the hell he is up to now-

Turns out it is Peter Parker who has important business. Troubled by the costs of Felicia’s hospital bill (if only America had Universal health care) and his lack of free time, Peter has decided to drop out of grad school. A couple pages are filled with him receiving the necessary paper work, a lecture about leaving from Dr. Sloan, and an unpleasant exchange with the Dean of Admissions-

Which Peter repays in pretty food fashion.

What a stinker-

Meanwhile, the always vivacious Mary Jane Watson is back in town and sharing some lunch with the recently married Harry and Liz Osborn. Liz tries to convince her to settle down, specifically with one, Peter Parker, but MJ don’t settle for nothing. Harry returns to his office to discover-

When Spider-Man catches wind of this, he is smart enough to know any break-in at Oscorp probably deserves his attention.


I don’t care what it is,- or how eaay- I love a good word puzzle. Enjoy-

Spidey catches wind of a police shoot out at the pier where Oscorp stores old chemicals, and he leaps to action.

With rumours that Spidey is as strong as ten men, the twenty or so thugs take their chances and swarm him. Idiots-

When a shadowy figure decides to throw some mechanical, razor sharp bats in the mix.


In a spread of ads, mostly for cheap comic books, there is a couple gems. Including Wate-On, for skinny men that need some instant muscle, and a winning body. It’s just that easy-

And this one, that I am not sure what they are selling, other than being able to get a girlfriend. No where better than a comic book for an ad like this- at least they’re discreet.

Spidey hunts down the shadowy figure, and things clear up-

Stuck with the moral dilemma of rescuing the thugs he was just fighting, from the resulting pumpkin bomb explosion, Spidey has to let the man get away- not without a self-adhering, micro-circuited, Spider-tracer. The man makes a disappearance, however, with these sweet John Romita Jr. panels.

Leaving Spider-Man empty handed-

In the resulting aftermath, and police questioning, Spidey gets a name, and his number one Hobgoblin suspect, Lefty Donovan. Knowing what we know now, that doesn’t sound right, but to readers in 1983, this was the first breakthrough of the Hobgoblin mystery. It doesn’t last long as Donovan meets up with another figure, who turns out to be-

Fan Page-

This is just wonderful 80’s Marvel here-

The Spider’s Web is full of letter after letter of fan’s making guesses at who Hobgoblin is. Some good, some ridiculous-


It’s friggin’ Burger Time ya’ll. Ketchup and relish, ketchup and relish, there’s an egg down there, it’s Burger Time!

Thanks booknerds, next deconstructed, Batman v. Superman!


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