Deconstructed: Defenders #52

All of Marvel Studios investment in Netflix is about to culminate with the heroes joining together to form the Defenders. As exciting as it is to see Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist join forces, I thought this would be a great opportunity to take a look back at one of the original Defenders non-teams. I understand why this is not the line-up built for the television series, but how good would a modern Hulk series be? This classic issue is swarmed with cameos from Sub-Mariner to Peter Parker, this should be a good installment of Deconstructed, let’s go!

The Cover-

Featuring a classic silver age match up of Marvel power houses Hulk vs. Sub-Mariner, the city around them seems to be destroyed by there destructive battle. Also featured is the old school Defenders line-up rounded out with, Nighthawk, Valkyrie, and Hellcat. Something about Hulk’s face on this cover really bothers me. It’s the prince and the power, in an issue that’s bound to explode. In 1977, this would have been an issue worth taking a look at.


I have seen plenty of these mail-in sales club adverts so far in the Deconstructed series. Most of them I ignore, this one caught my eye for one main reason: the creepy elf dude with the tights and the mini-skirt. If anything is going to make me want to sell your product it’s a creepy elf dude in tights and a mini-skirt. And what prize would I cash in on? Absolutely the Fonz radio!

The Credits-

Marvel Comics Group

The Defenders

Vol. 1 #52

Oct. 1977

Price: $0.30 (Todays worth $2 to $5)

Cover art by Gil Kane, Frank Giacoia, John Costanza

“Defender of the Realm”

Written by David Kraft

Art by Keith Griffen, Chic Stone

Letters by Denise Wohl

Colours by Don Warfield

Editor Archie Goodwin

The Story-

Namor has arrived in New York City, walking down the middle of the road like he owns the place. Why? No one knows. As a crowd gathers to witness the infamous king, one observer watches from above-

Hulk jumps down to protect- erm- Fish-Man. But apparently Namor is on a mission, and pushes Hulk aside. Which is usually not a good idea-

Sub-Mariner shrugs off Hulks attack and tries to continue his mission. Revealing that his people are in danger. But as Hulk does not like being shoved aside he chases after Namor, who is left with no choice but to push Hulk off again.


Free One Million $ Cash! Say what? How were comic book nerds in the 70’s not all loaded?

Meanwhile, across the world Dr. Tania Belinsky is in Russia. Which for some reason looks like this-

She dons her Red Guardian costume, when the Russian super-spies attack her and subdue her with the power of mind-control.


All you need is a $10 bill to look like this hunk of stud meat. A quick Google of this Joe Weider gave me a couple sweet tidbits. A) He’s Canadian! B) He was a body builder who helped people train, like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Manly, man meat!

Red Guardian is then taken to the man she was looking for, The Presence. Unfortunately, she has no power over herself. This is the first appearance of The Presence, who coincidentally met his death recently in Deadpool and the Mercs for Money Vol.2 #5.


God I love these vintage Marvel shirts! I wonder if I can find one on E-bay or something?


“The sport a boy grows up with… shooting a Daisy!” Haha, totally! Nothing like handing a gun to children! Every kid needs guns!

Back in New York, more of this-

Hellcat and Nighthawk catch wind of the epic battle occurring in the city and suit up to join the fray. While Namor and Hulk duke it out, something begins to happen to… Fish-Man-

Apparently, Namor has always had this power. To transmit an electric current through his body (check Fantastic Four #6). But, will this secret power have an impact on the strongest there is?

The battle rages and the city is being destroyed by these reckless powerhouses. Who can stop them?

Of course, no one can. It is a Defenders title after all. It’s up to the nobodies! Or, erm, I mean, Nighthawk and Hellcat!


If you thought getting a gun for your kid was a little too much, at least get them a switchblade… comb.

So how is Nighthawk going to save the day? How can he stop two of the most powerful characters in the MCU from killing each other, and New York City? What power does this nobody have up his sleeve?

Of course! Call Namor a jerk! Brilliant! Problem solved and its all hand shakes and kisses. Somehow Hellcat just chilled Hulk out off screen. And, Namor reveals that a Russian power plant has been leaking radiation into his ocean. There is only one man powerful enough to enter a radioactive power plant, only one man who can help Fish-Man, the Hulk!


I have only heard about this movie about a killer whale that is essentially Jaws. Someone please tell me how good, or bad, it is, and that I totally need to see it!

Fan Mail-

The fan mail, or Defenders Dialogue is completely full of how amazing Defenders #48 was. That issue was all about Nick Fury’s evil brother, Jacob Fury, or Scorpio!


Nothing like toy soldiers! Geez they really promoted violence in this issues advertisements…

Thanks booknerds, excited for the new Netflix show, Defenders, hitting us later this month.


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