Sunday Mise en Place (July 31 to Aug. 6, ‘017)

Summer’s rolling right along as we get into August. This is going to be a huge transitional couple months around here as we get prepared for the school year. For now, for today, it’s Mise en Place time! My weekly edition to the G.O.B. that goes over what’s new, what’s happening, everything you need to be an Onion-head. But, as per the usual, I like to get this started with a little about what’s going on with me. So…

What’s Going On-

Thank you everybody who sent birthday wishes off for my son, Zyler, yesterday! He had a great day. And, Jenn and I are recovering our headaches that comes with having a bunch of 7-8 year old boys partying and pumped full of cake. He also had his first friend sleepover, so it was a milestone birthday in his world. Most importantly, he’s happy.

I have finally nailed Eric down and this next week, while he’s on stay-cation, we are going to sit down and hash out all the final details and get our podcast up. I know! Shut up, I’ve said it plenty. But, investing an afternoon where we can sit and organize all the last pieces is exactly what we’ve been needing. The opportunities we’ve had thus far have been out only chances to record. This is it though, it’s happening, especially since we have 5 or 6 episodes recorded now.

Last Weeks Posts-


Absolutely pushing hard to make the podcast available this week, honestly, expect a post on that. The next Deconstructed will focus on a character Nancy from Graphic Novelty2 told me she hates, let’s see if I can change her mind. Other than those I got lots else going on, this may be a slower week on the blog.

Thanks booknerds, happy August!


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  1. Nancy says:

    I, in equal measure, look forward to and dread your upcoming post on a certain elastic & glasses wearing “hero”!

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