Sunday Mise en Place (Aug. 7 to 13, ‘017)

Happy Sunday, or at least as happy as it can be after yesterdays gut-wrenching display in Charlottesville, Virginia. That one hurt. More than locally, more than racially, that one hurt as a human collective. It can be a tough pill to swallow that we haven’t moved past such hate in the world. Any ways, despite super villain politicians, nuclear bomb threats, and Nazi’s, the Green Onion Blog is a place you can come for lighthearted entertainment. Let’s get into the Mise en Place, a weekly post where I share the world of me, in blogging, podcasting, and general living, shall we?

What’s Going On-

Well, the big thing this week would be, Plog! The long promised, long awaited podcast, brought to you from Eric and myself. We have so much content just waiting, and its exciting to be finally be sharing it with everyone. Honestly, we wish the first episode was as good as some of the other things we have coming, but oh well, have to start with something. I feel like Ive said it a lot this week but, the first blog post on G.O.B. wasn’t up to the same par it is now either. Progression. Anyways, we did receive an overwhelming amount of support, reaching 70 listens on the first day! So, thank you everyone who listened, liked, shared, and/or reached out personally to us to congratulate us. You can look forward to a new episode weekly! Right now, I believe we are aiming for Tuesday launches, and also keep an eye out for any bonus features! Also, support us by giving us a follow at or at, thanks!

This weekend is the climax of the Perseids meteor shower. Did anybody catch a good show. Friday we saw a few bright ones from our backyard. Saturday night, I thought we should drive the kids out of the city in the middle of the night to watch it without the light pollution. Unfortunately the light wasn’t our only obstacle, as we could not find a clear enough spot out of the smoke caused by the B.C. forest fires. Oh well, it ended up being a midnight road trip, which kinda blew the kids minds. On top of that, Thursday evening I was sitting outside and witnessed an amazing electrical storm over the city. It was a good week for the sky.

Where was I? I had to pause writing this post and will put it up late because this afternoon was our local street festival, Marda Gras. No, not Mardi Gras, the Marda Gras, total rip off, but its fun. Lot’s of music, lots of food, and tonnes of stuff for the sprouts. Lots of walking and sun as well, I’m ready for a nap!

Last Weeks Posts-

  • Here’s the link to the first ever Plog episode. I’m trying to sort out how to embed an audio player directly into WordPress, give me a couple goes at that. For now, the links will take you directly to the Plog site @
  • This week in Deconstructed featured Plastic Man! In an award winning series from Kyle Baker, its worth checking out.


Well, with the launch of Plog, you can now get your Green Onion fix at minimum three times a week, cross medias. Besides the Sunday Mise en Place, Tuesdays will now be Plog day, and Deconstructed will come out on Thursdays or Fridays- still nailing down that schedule. Besides those, you can keep watch for any bonus blog or Plog material that may come out. This week, episode two of Plog features Canada Day as you can literally listen to Eric and I navigate our way to a stronger formula for podcasting- and I do hope to drop a bonus piece. Look forward to Magneto and Professor X making an appearance in the next Deconstructed. And there is a book review on its way, but it may be held off till next week depending how busy I get. Stay posted.

Thanks booknerds, stay strong, and treat people a little extra nicer today, we could use it as a collective.


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  1. Laura Beth says:

    I live about 2 1/2 hours from Charlottesville. This weekend was so scary. I was watching everything unfold from my computer, knowing that several friends were there. My parents’ neighbors just moved their middle child to the city on Friday so Christine could get settled before starting her new job. A few were counter-protesting, but most were there in solidarity and show support for the counter-protestors. One of my sorority sisters was a just block away from the car attack when it happened. One of the professors from my university captured over 1,500 photographs during the weekend. Seeing everything unfold online was a sobering reminder of the world that we live in. All I could think about was those who have always advocated for peace – Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, and others.


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