Sunday Mise en Place (Aug. 14 to 20, ‘017)

Oh, the good ol’ Sunday Mise en Place. Over my writing career this has become home base for where I am headed, how life is going, and staying connected with my friends, followers, and even family. Looking ahead at my life, I couldn’t imagine not writing this weekly piece. The future can be so unpredictable. When I take this time on Sunday mornings and snippet life into weekly segments I feel better, you feel better, the whole dang system feels better. Ugh, you have no idea what I’m talking about, let me explain what’s going on.

What’s Going On-

As the summer has been drawing to a close, so to has our family situation. Come September my whole family will be attending school. Zyler will be moving on to the second grade. Alex is beginning her adventures in Kindergarten (which sounds like a brilliant movie title). And, my love, Jennifer is back to University in pursuit of her Masters, and beyond (‘nother sweet title). All this has left me with the freedom to take on my next life challenge, focus on my career, and of course provide financial stability for these three egg-heads.

This is in where my struggle has been. My adult life all I had done was cook. Heck, I was pretty successful at it, working in high end restaurants, managing my own kitchens, and even a stint at a country club. The problem: a) I don’t care like I once did, my passion gone, b) no matter where, or how hard I worked, the money is always essentially the same. Returning to the kitchen to slave away for peanuts has been less than appealing. Which left me in total life rethinking phase.

There is something else that appeals to me. Something I have wanted all my life. Something I have dived head first into over the last couple years. Something I have enough passion and drive to make into a successful career, and not feel like an underpaid servant. Something I love.

I will be launching my own clothing line called Turkey Vulture! Where every article of clothing will have a picture of a turkey vultures face on it! Shirts, hats, pants, socks, shoes, purses, underwear, you name it, all featuring the beautiful, majestic turkey vulture!

Although, that would be sweet potatoes, and I wouldn’t mind a turkey vulture shirt now, obviously I’m kidding. I am talking about writing. Going forward I plan on really pushing to make a living playing around with wordses. I will be starting a freelance career composing posts, articles, technical writing, recipes- heck, whatever I can sell. Pushing to publish an ebook sooner than later, and generally making dreams a freaking reality. Wish me luck as I invest my time and effort towards this, and consider me available shall any work come up.

Scared for me? Don’t be, I got this. This is what I want and I will succeed. I have passion, positivity, and drive to make this happen. It was a matter of time, and about time, at the same time. Keep an eye on the Mise en Place going forward as it will most probably document all of my lessons, failures, and achievements as I begin this new chapter. Oh, and there’s this solar eclipse tomorrow which may unlock superhuman writing abilities, like that Heroes show.

Big things ahead! But, before we see what’s coming up, lets review last week-

Last Weeks Posts-


Well with my new drive and ambition I am going to be treating writing like a full time career (with lots of overtime). This is good news for you as there will be more of me to go around, and more of me available, so I hope your not sick of me yet. Who knows what kind of opportunities are ahead of me this week. There is a few things I am planning on though. First, you have to listen to Tuesday’s Plog, as Eric and I do a relationship quiz to test how strong our partnership is. There will be a book review this week, for certain. And, as I write this I am reminded that I wanted to do something different for the Deconstructed, I should probably get on that… bye.

Thanks booknerds, this should be a week…


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  1. Well may the Force be with you my friend! But, if I’m being honest, I’m now dealing with the emotional letdown of the turkey vulture thing. I’m sure it’ll all be for the best in the end but still…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Green Onion says:

      I know! I need to atleast launch an Etsy now

      Liked by 1 person

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