Sunday Mise en Place (Aug. 21 to 27, ‘017)

Coffee, check.

That’s all I need.

Okay, let’s do this. Happy Sunday! And, welcome back to the Mise en Place. The weekly post on the Green Onion Blog where you come for all your Green Onion news! This is your central hub for what’s happening for the blog, how things are going with Eric and my podcast, Plog, and all the other tidbits I feel like sharing in my world. Which are usually brought to you in a little segment I like to call, What’s Going On, so let’s do…

What’s Going On-

This was a pretty big week for the little man of our house, Zyler. He went on his own adventure, travelling to B.C. with his grandparents to visit his other grandmother on the coastal side of those Rocky Mountains. He had a wonderful trip and the rest of us were mostly jealous that he got to see the ocean. Man, we miss living by the ocean.

Recently, I announced that I would be making the transition into professional writing. I am happy to say it’s going great. Things are progressing fast. Nothing I can announce quite yet, but keep an eye out.

Other than that, school season starts soon, so, we’ve been doing the back to school shopping. Getting little Alex prepared for her next 13+ years of learning. I think Zyler has had his fill of summer and he’s just excited to get back to school and see his friends. And Jenn, well Jenn is freaking out as much as to be expected with anyone about to head back to University. You’ll do awesome hun, there’s no doubt about it!

Last Weeks Posts-

  • Do your ears a favour and listen to episode three of Plog. A special episode where Eric and I test our friendship, with how well we know eachother. While you’re there don’t forget to follow for more Plog news.
  • In one of the best Deconstructed yet, this week I broke down an 80’s Alf comic. Nostalgia galore! Give it a read.


Well, I was supposed to drop this book review last week, but things got a bit hectic, so look for it in the next couple days. It’s the end of the month, time to look ahead at Septembers box office. Plog, episode four drops on Tuesday, and I can’t believe we’re at episode four. Things move quick. I think I will do a Twitter poll for the next Deconstructed, don’t miss your chance to vote and follow me @GreenOnionBlog. All this and possibly more, be sure to check in on the regular. And, I’ll see you all for next weeks Mise en Place, which is sure to be a gooder.

Thanks booknerds, I need another coffee now.


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