Deconstructed: Fantastic Four #551

To decide on todays Deconstructed, I went to you, the people. I held a poll of 4 options simultaneously on Twitter (@greenonionblog) and on Books Amino (my old stomping grounds). In a surprising twist of events, the winner was one I thought least likely, and put up simply for my own selfish wants. I want Fantastic Four, and it turns out the people want Fantastic Four.

It’s true, I have done Marvel’s first family before. It was the first Deconstructed, and a classic Stan Lee/Jack Kirby issue: This Man, This Monster. But, since this series stopped hitting shelves just a couple years ago, I feel like there has been a hole in the heart of comics. It may sound cliché, but, you don’t know what you got till its gone. I, and apparently most voters on here, need some of this fabulous quartet back in our lives.

I am happy to oblige, and share some comic action on my blog. This modern Fantastic Four book comes off the tail of another break up. During the events of Civil War this team was divided. Reed being one of the leading scientists behind Tony Starks initiatives, Sue trying to reason with him, ultimately leaving him, Ben, the big lug he is, refused to fight, and good ol’ Johnny was knocked out for most the events. This issue, #551, marks the return of the Fantastic Four as one solid team again, for now… for then.

The Cover-

Yeah baby! Oh, did I forget to mention that this particular issue features an appearance from Dr. Doom! And that’s not all. Oh no, that’s not all. But, we have to save something for the story don’t we. I love this cover by Michael Turner. It’s classic Fantastic Four, and classic Turner (without the obligatory boob shot). It is covers exactly like this that are what is missing. Covers featuring the colourful, animated images of the Four and their enemies. I feel a sense of homeliness even opening these pages.


Now, Hot Wheels, Hot Wheels, Hot Wheels, honestly, you have always had such an opportunity to create the most memorable racing game. Like Mario Kart, but edgier. Like Need for Speed, but simplified. Like an EA Sports style, but for racing. Seriously, Hot Wheels needs to put more money into this, these games look badly made.

The Credits-


Fantastic Four


“Epilogue Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End”

January 2008

Cover Price: $3.75 CAN – $2.99 US

Todays Worth: $1ish

Cover by Michael Turner

Written by Dwayne McDuffie

Pencils by Paul Pelletier

Inks by Rick Magyar

Colours by Wil Quintana

Letters by Rus Wooton

Edited by Tom Brevoort

The Story-

75 years later…

Prison 42 is the only prison in operation, or necessary. There are only six people locked up here-

Make that 5. And who is in charge of this prison?

75 years earlier, it’s the Fantasti-Car!

And the Fantastic Four hot off the trails of another adventure, facing off against Diablo! More importantly, back together after Civil War. It’s hard to believe this team made it-

Back to the good ol’ days-

And what would life be like for the FF if they didn’t come home from an adventure to have an intruder alert. Back to ol’ times.


So much has happened in Dragon Ball since I was a kid. I don’t even know anymore… Piccolo is there?

Thing, oh Thing, bless his heart smashes through yet another Baxter Building wall to find some surprising guests chilling with Alicia and the kids.

But these heroes faces are beginning to age-

Sitting down a good suggestion considering the third party guest-

And of course Ben never learns a lesson-

Reed is able to figure out by the tech that Dr. Doom used, that they are, without a doubt, from the future.

Future Black Panther (Black Panther-81551, first appearance), and future Sub-Mariner (Sub-Mariner-81551, first appearance) stop the FF from attacking further. They came with Doom to help support his case. Sue ain’t having none of it-

She demands the news from Namor, who quickly claims to come to the past to save the world! Obviously.

“Save the world from what?”

Doom demands they see Richard’s private study. Which is better than I could’ve hoped for-


Seriously. Every advertisement thus far in this book has been video games. But this one? What the hell is this?

Inside, Doom reveals that the future concerns lay with The 100 Ideas. A plan Reed and Tony Stark began to end the inevitable war between Man and Transhumankind. A plan that spurred the Superhuman Registration Act, building a prison in the Negative Zone, and cloning Thor (to disastrous results). Future Doom (Dr. Doom-81551, first appearance) knows there is more to Reed’s terrible initiatives-

In the near future Reed does implement idea #101 and it’s history-

These powerful noblemen are not here to kill, but to talk the team out of helping Reed with his terrible plan.


Supposedly, everything was great in this future. Better than great. World changing in fact. Until-

Unto which, Reed handles surprisingly well-

Um, the end? Hard-core Reed. I would share more with you all, but I have an idea #101 myself. If I leave you all hanging you can either A) find issue #552 yourself, and with such bump backlog sales of Fantastic Four books, which will lead them to make more, or, B) Google search it, bumping up Google analytics on Fantastic Four, leading Marvel to make more books!


Why do they do this? Why do they make my food more lovable? This does the opposite of make me want to eat these adorable creatures! In fact, I feel terrible for the millions of Goldfishies being consumed by toothless toddlers on playgrounds across the Americas. These poor precious Goldfish! If penguins talked and made jetpacks and painted works of art, would we eat them!?! “The snack that smiles back”??? You monsters!

Thanks booknerds, and raise your voices! “Bring back Fantastic Four!”


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  1. Bookstooge says:

    I was never a fan of the FF4. My only interest in them was Dr. Doom. Now THERE was a villain worthy of the name.


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