Sunday Mise en Place (Aug. 28 to Sept. 3, ‘017)

Well, happy Sunday, happy September, and happy long weekend. Funny how labour day is one of the few holidays we share with our American neighbours, I suppose we all care about pregnant women. September is always a special month, it kicks off autumn, sends kids back to school, but most importantly, its my birth month! The sun is in my Virgo sign, and I always feel good this time of year. I hope that means the next few Mise en Place’s (Mise en Pleece?) will be filled with good news. Before we get to what’s been happening in the blog ‘n Plog world, I like to share what’s going on for me.

What’s Going On-

Not so much, I mean as far as the family is concerned. We took it easy this week, making sure we had everything in place for the school year. Some last minute back to school shopping, a thorough cleaning of the house, and some rest and relaxation. Today the kids will enjoy one last summer fishing trip with Grandpa, and Tuesday we are back to routine.

This will be a milestone week for our little Alex. She officially kicks off… the rest of her life. No longer a free ride, this little hunny will be at school for the next 13 years at least, then, as we all know, it gets harder from there. And, she’s such a sucker, saying she’s all nervous for Kindergarten, like girl, you have no idea what’s coming. Don’t fall for her nervous routine either, sure it sounds cute, but Alex ain’t afraid of nothing. I have no doubt that by the next MeP she will have her classmates and teachers wrapped around her finger. Unless of course, she runs into some other alpha-5-year-old-girl. Either way, good luck Alley-Cat.

Jenn, poor Jenn, I’ve been forcing her to take it easy this month, get some rest in before she heads back to University. It drove her nuts. She is a busy body, I love her for it, and she needs to be on the go. Taking time to do nothing, and let me take care of things was hard for her, bless her heart. Then, she got her prep work the other day. Swamping her with assignments, reading, and modules. Suddenly, she got a storm of work, welcoming her to her Masters program. Spending her last week of summer in a cram session.

I too, have been pretty busy. I achieved a few great writing opportunities and I have been hard at work. Like a 12 hour session yesterday. Also, had a great Plog meeting, and Eric and I are feeling better going forward. Keep an eye out for some other projects I have in the works to be hitting in the next couple weeks. I’m back to work, and doing something I love, I’m excited.

Last Weeks Posts-

  • Double Plogposts this week. Unfortunately, we did not get a new episode out on Tuesday, this post explains it better, and how we are remedying it going forward.
  • So, as an apology, and to keep you all entertained, I made a special Green Onion post directly on Plog. It’s classic G.O. humour, all of you will love it, and I know none of you have read it. I get stats remember. Trust me, read this one through: Green Onion Reviews Random Products Around the House.
  • In a surprising turn of events, the book I thought least likely won the polls for the Deconstructed. Its like November all over again but, with much less dissapointment. Check out Fantastic Four #551.


Let me see. Oh god, I need to write that book review. One of these nights I’ll pump it out. Plog will be back to form with a new cast on Tuesday. Look out for Septembers pop culture history post, which will most likely hit mid-week. I think I’ll pull out something retro for the Deconstructed. With everyone heading back to school, this will be my first week of investing full time into writing. Basically, anything can and will happen, and hopefully I will have a big announcement come next week. Here we go! As always, check in regularly, you never know what kind of treats you’ll get.

Thanks booknerds, happy labouring weekend.


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  1. I have nominated you for an awarded, go check this link to find more :

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  2. Best of luck to Alex! I imagine the thought of entering Kindergarten can be quite stressful 😉

    I have to admit that I was rolling after reading the first few sentences to this post! Pregnant women are super important. Labor day should be acknowledged world wide 😉


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