Sunday Mise en Place (Sept. 4 to 10, ‘017)

What a kerfuffle back to school week can be. But, we are through it, and slowly settling into routine. Time for another Mise en Place, where I can get myself organized for the week ahead. The M.e.P.- other than giving me the opportunity to sit and look at my schedule- is where I share what is happening in the world and words of Green Onion. Every Sunday you can check in to catch up on all the fresh posts, and get a sneak peak at what is happening next. Before I can tell you that story I like to kick off things with a bit of what’s going on in my personal world.

What’s Going On-

Like I started off with, back to school is chaotic enough. Setting routines, meeting teachers, filling out forms, and dealing with tired children. Zyler came home after day 1 exhausted, he says “I forgot how long school was”. Poor guy, grade 2 can be rough. Alex settled into Kindergarten quickly, her favorite part, the class stuffy which she will get a turn of bringing home and taking care of. And Jenn, got hit hard, with her first few days of her Masters program, including enough homework to keep her up until all hours of the night.

My new career as a freelance writer have been going swimmingly. I’ve accomplished a few gigs, with more coming in consistently. The biggest surprise for me this week was when I received an email from the Edmonton Comics and Entertainment Expo. Which included an offer for a full 3-day media pass for the Green Onion Blog to attend the events. This is a major milestone in my blogging career, and I can confirm I will be attending. Come the weekend of the 22nd to the 24th, look forward to a live blog feed,- much like I composed for the Calgary Expo– as well as a special Plog episode, and follow the journey on Twitter @greenonionblog.

Last Week’s Posts-

  • Episode four of Plog dropped, with a fresh, well rounded new format. Eric and I get into some Last Jedi theories, as well as some spookier topics in Plognormal Activity.
  • September in Pop Culture History got its 2017 update. The biggest thing I cant get over is why is it Rice Month and Potato Month, and how can I celebrate both?
  • I pulled out a comic approaching 50 years old for the Deconstructed. Before the new movie comes out catch up on some retro Justice League.


Oh geez- I am falling behind on some reviews. I got a couple books and at least one graphic novel that desperately need a write up. I was planning on hitting a comic show today in search of a book for Deconstructed, however, with me now attending Edmonton Expo I may hold off, and dive into my archives. Tuesday’s episode of Plog will include a look at who will be attending said Expo, as well as some Ready Player One talks. Besides all that, there is a special birthday coming up in our house, which means you will receive a new top 5 all time favorites. All this, more, and other announcements are all on the way, Green Onion Blog just hit a new phase people.

Thanks booknerds, stick around.


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  1. Nancy says:

    CONGRATULATIONS on the writing gigs and for getting a pass to the comic con!! I look forward to reading your coverage!

    Liked by 1 person

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