Grandpa Onion’s Birthday

Today is my fathers birthday, and as much as I would love to do a Grandpa’s Top 5 books, he does not read that much. Despite that he always did support me in my enthusiasm for all things comics and literature, taking interest when necessary. Such as our father-son fishing trips, where he would be deep in the relaxing hobby, and I would be sitting back with my stack of comics and my head in a book. He didn’t let this frustrate him, letting me recommend books that he did not care about and actually give them a read. My first post on The Green Onion Blog was about begging my father for the all important Death of Superman comic. And when I was upset that everyone had seen Jurassic Park, and I had just read the book, we made a memorable trip to the theatres.

My father is an inspirational hardworking man. He has spent 30+ years in the same company, 15+ years with the same part-time job, and only takes a sick day when absolutely necessary. He had our college funds ready when the time came and is set for retirement for when that day comes. Supported my mother through her laundry list of medical ailments, and been there for her through the hardest of challenges. Never getting angry over the little things or human mistakes, taking on everyday with a positive, understanding attitude. When they say everybody has flaws, I think of my father and cannot think of one.

As a Dad he pushed me and my brothers to be the best we could be, not pressuring us to do anything he thought was right, just the mentality that work, school and family should be our only priorities. When my brothers best friend was abused and kicked out of his home, my father brought him into our house and treated him with the same respect and morals that he treated us. In fact, there is a long list of friends and family that my Dad has helped and everyone knows that he will be there if they need him.

When my family fell apart he helped us. Zyler and I were alone in a city 1200 kms away, and he helped us. When we had to move home to Calgary, he helped us and put us up in his home so we could get on our feet. He is the most dependable, supportive person you would ever meet.

As a grandfather, he is involved and active, taking the kids to the park 3 to 7 times a week. As an uncle, brother, husband, everyone in the family knows that he is the rock, that would do anything to help those close to him. As a friend, he is the best you could get. As a person, he is a machine, working hard, taking care, and holding his emotions at bay. As a father, he makes me feel like I hit the jackpot in the role model department, and I wouldn’t change him for the world.

Happy Birthday Grandpa, words cannot describe how we appreciate everything you have done.

I love you, Dad.

Thanks booknerds, not all non-readers are monsters.


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  1. emmakwall says:

    What a lovely post, happy birthday Grandpa Onion!

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  2. Zezee says:

    Grandpa Onion sounds like a great man. Happy Merry Birthday to him!!

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  3. How wonderful to have such a fantastic role model in your life. Happy Birthday Grandpa Onion.

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  4. What a beautiful post – a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man, I’m sure.


  5. TeacherofYA says:

    So sweet. What a nice read. 😊


  6. CJRthebrit says:

    Love this 💖 Happy Birthday Grandpa Onion!

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  7. What an amazing post!! Happy birthday Grandpa Onion!! 🎉

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