Sunday Mise en Place (Sept. 11 to 17, ‘017)

It’s another Sunday, that means it is Mise en Place day. A weekly spot for me to ramble about life, universe, and everything. Or, more accurately, life, the blog, and podcast. Same-sies. It was a big week for me, with another big one on the way. So, without any fuss, let’s get into what’s going on-

What’s Going On-

First off, a big thank you for all of the wonderful birthday wishes this week. I got so much love on the anniversary of my first breath, much appreciated. Good news is, I broke my personal record of most years lived. You’ll be happy to know I spent the day getting lots of love from my family. And, lots of cake.

Big news in the writing world! A couple of weeks ago I sold a book on tourism in Calgary. It officially went up on Amazon earlier this week. Which means, I am a published author! I sold it away, including any royalties, so no pressure to go buy it (unless, of course, you are planning a trip to Calgary). This was just a quick project I put together to get my name out there, get an author page on Amazon, and prove that I could do it. And, bam. It happened, look at me a real published author. It’s a great step for me to get some of my other resting projects moving. For anyone interested, here is a link, and you can also find the name of my alter ego. I still like to go by Green.

Other than all of that, it has been a week around the house. Our first normalized week after back to school. Alex had her first full week of school, and was only majorly tired and cranky by the end of it. Zyler… actually Zyler seems to be doing way better with the structured routine and getting to see his friends daily. And Jenn has been swamped as she settles into her Masters program, she’s doing great though. Everyone is doing great! Everything is going smoothly. It’s a really good time around here and things are looking up for all of us.

Last Week’s Posts-

  • Episode five of Plog dropped this week, entitled Ready Plogger One. Clearly we get into the brilliant Ernest Cline novel, and upcoming film.
  • A new graphic novel review went up. I have to say, Black Hammer is easily one of the best comic series available right now.


Well, we are still in birthday season as there is one more major birthday this week, look forward to that. Another Plog episode will drop on Tuesday, and every Tuesday for the foreseeable future. This weekend Green Onion Blog, and Plog will be heading to Edmonton for the Comic Expo. This may impact the Deconstructed and Mise en Place next week, but look for a live feed of the events. Next weekend should be awesome.

Thanks booknerds, stay posted.


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  1. WHOA! Congrats on entering the published author world my friend. Woo hoo!


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