Jenn’s Birthday Top 5 ‘017 (Guest Post by Jenn)

Today is a special day, not only around home, but also, for The Green Onion Blog. In bringing our family full trip around the sun, the last birthday of the year, is today! Jenn, the studious, hard-working, affectionate and caring, beautiful mother/leader of our home is celebrating another year of life living!

As per the newly established annual tradition of birthdays in our home, it is Jenn’s turn to sit and contemplate her all-time favourite books. Thus far I have written all of these up, including my own which you can read here, and includes links to all of the previous installments from us and the kids. However, with Jenn’s lists of demands on how I needed to approach and describe her list this year, I somehow convinced her to write it for herself.

Jenn has eluded to writing a post for G.O.B. almost since its inception. On more than one occasion she has made plans to do so. I even think there is a comment sitting somewhere in the archives where Jenn full out pledged an article or two. Well, it finally happened.

I am pleased and excited to introduce all of you to the woman I love so dearly. Presenting her favourite books and movies of all time as of 2017, Jennifer-

So! Before I launch in to what *Green* has requested of me in terms of my “favorite books of all time”, I apologize in advance if the content appears dry. I am so immersed in scientific objective writing that unfortunately much of my personality and characteristics do not shine through as it has become habit to avoid such things.. I also don’t blog.. Off topic, I also feel the need to mention that along a similar vein to our kids yearly lists (which change as much as their personalities, and are super cute) my list also changes based on the context of my life.. maybe not as cute lol! This has been a long year of personal growth, self development and healing. As I reflect on my ‘last years’ list, I’ve come to the conclusion that the theme I used to choose those books was the comforting memory I have of reading them. This time around my titles have been chosen on which books have impacted my way of thinking and those that have challenged me to interpret meaning that I have carried into my life. So, here it goes.. in no particular order..

1. The Last Lecture – Randy Pausch

This book really opened my eyes to the importance of a legacy. A gift we leave the world. I think it is so important to leave this world a better place than when we came in to it and I admire the sincere motivation this man had in writing this book. Definitely a must read IMHO!

2. Tuesdays with Morrie – Mitch Alborn

I was really moved by the intimate relationship between teacher and student. The concept of mentorship really stood out to me and honestly made me smile. It’s humbling to hear of the personal stories others go through to transform into wiser individuals. (I cried reading it. So good.)

3. Furiously Happy – Jenny Lawson

This book was for sure on my last years list and remains. However comforting this book was, it also challenged my ability to reflect on the challenges I face and that there is always a silver lining. Way to go Jenny! (I cried and laughed reading this one :P)

4. Sophie’s World – Jostein Gaarder

I love philosophy and this book is like the idiots guide to it! A little of this, a little of that. Its great! I was actually assigned this one as a required reading for a class I’m taking but loved it so much that I had to put in on here. Gotta love when homework doesn’t feel like homework..

5. The Sunday Mise en Place – Green Onion

Although I have little time to read all the things my lovely other half has written (we have very different taste buds for books also.. if you hadn’t noticed haha) I do enjoy reading this one each week. We get so busy with the everyday tasks that many days we barely end up having any time to just sit and talk about whats going on in each of our worlds. I like to have a chance to see how his perception of things is going.. It’s also comforting to know that despite all the eventfulness going on, he really does love us! It’s pretty mushy, but pretty cute. And I’m not a mushy person.. so there’s that. I love you hun.

He also wants five movies… ugh! (It’s 10:50 pm the night before my birthday and I promised myself I would take it easy this evening).. So while he plays “Splatoon” on the WiiU in expert mode here I am rambling about movies..

I guess I have less interest in movies. There’s so much more I could be doing with my time. So there will be little effort put into this request lol there is also no theme.. Just ones that I like. Period.

1. The Labrynth –

I probably have seen this movie more times than any other movie ever.

2. Clueless –

Duh! As if, I would leave this one out.

3. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy –

Only because when I tried to read the book I was too tired to invest in it so I couldn’t put it in my book list and I loved the move.

4. Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol. 2) –

Good family memories and I literally listen to the soundtrack in my car at least once a week.

5. The Craft –

I’m starting to feel this list corresponds with the theme of last years book selection.

So there you go. There’s me in a nut shell for the year. Talk to you all in 2018!


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  1. Happy Birthday Jenn! Welcome to the blogging world! It was great to get to hear “you” through your written voice for the first time on the blog. Yay!

    Also, great choice with Jenny Lawson. I read and loved both of her books and I really enjoy her blogging efforts as well. In fact you have me considering re-reading some of her stuff now. (All your choices are lovely of course but I really enjoy her writing.) Enjoy your day and, busy schedule or not, remember a birthday is a THREE DAY EVENT minimum. So that means you’re owed a pre-birthday, birthday, and post-birthday. Don’t let Green short you any pampering and celebration.


  2. Happy Birthday! Totally agree on the movie list and the book list!


  3. rashthedoctor says:

    Happy Birthday 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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