Live Blog Feed from Edmonton Expo: Day One

Greetings all of my friends, followers, and geeks of all pop cultures! This weekend I have a special treat for you, as the Green Onion Blog goes live! For the next two days I will be taking in all there is at the Edmonton Comics and Entertainment Expo! So, if you like… stuff. Y’know, like comics, movies, anime, art, video games, or just about anything awesome, you’ll want to stick around and read on.

First off, let me explain how this live blog feed thing works. I originally launched this platform earlier this year when I attended the Calgary Expo, you can find the full post here. What happens is, throughout the day and events I will be updating this post. This one right here, the one you are so kindly reading. As the day progresses forward you can refresh this page and find new tidbits, pictures, and surprises as the day progresses on.

Additionally, if you follow me on Twitter @greenonionblog I will tweet whenever a new piece goes up. So, you will know when to check. There may be some bonus content that goes up there as well.

If you follow Plog the Podcast, today I will be taking time to record an episode from the expo. Eric is still home in Calgary but we are making it happen. Look for a special episode this upcoming Tuesday!

Tomorrow, Sept. 24 ‘017, day 2 of the live feed from Edmonton Expo will be under a new post on the G.O.B. If you are here on Sept. 24th, you’re on the wrong day and you’re missing so much great stuff! Future me is having a blast!

That is that. Check back regularly as things happen. This years Edmonton Expo offers great vendors and guests, and I am going to try and catch every little bit of it. Wrapping up the whole Edmonton Expo experience in one- er, two, great posts.

I have set this original message to post in the morning while I make the drive from Calgary to Edmonton. So, I’m not technically live yet… but things are about to get started.

Here we go!



I have finally arrived! I woke up nice and early to get to Edmonton, and that drive was long! Nice, but I am tired. I am a little taken back by the size of Edmonton Expo. I suppose I should have estimated something proportionate to Calgary’s annual show. But, I was under the impression this was suppose to be smaller. Anyways, parking was a pain.

I managed to make my way in and get to the necessary tables- I got to skip the major ticket lines. And boom! Check it out! My sweet, sweet media pass.

Anyways, I am checked in. I survived my travel. I let my family know I am alive. It is time to check out the show.

Update you soon!



I have got my lay of the land now. At least I know my way around. I have to say, great show. There is many great artists, and vendors. And cosplay, oh the cosplay! There’s a little bit of everything. I just missed snapping a shot of a Guardians of the Galaxy gathering, with a few Yondus, Rockets, Star Lord, and a well done Groot. I’m sorry, I had my camera ready, but a moment too late.

I have also taken a moment to go through all of the panels being presented. I missed out on Anthony Mackie, as he was on this morning when I was probably driving past Red Deer. I am most excited for the Stranger Things panel tomorrow. There is some other awesome things happening. I will try and catch the cosplay contest. And I think I will be attending a cool panel in about an hour.

Basically, I am settled in.
Stay posted. I need to eat.



Just caught a live podcast panel. Northern Nerd Network is a great show focused on the Edmonton nerd culture. The panel was a recorded episode with a Q&A on how to connect in your fandoms. It was a lot of fun, but I learned some things. For one, I have never honestly thought to try and connect with other bloggers and podcasters around my area. I should get on that.

As a guest podcaster they brought in the blogger from Edmonton Nerd List. Who was informative, basically the guru on nerd culture in Edmonton. Really, I learned that I need to connect closer to home from all three of these men.

I’ll be checking out this podcast and I recommend you guys try it too.

More coming soon! Oh and I haven’t eaten yet…



Time to share some cosplays and costumes. My favorite thus far has to be Gertrude from I Hate Fairyland, I haven’t been able to get a pic yet, but I’m after her. But I did get a few of my faves.

First off, what is a con without a t-rex parade?

The full out Justice League. This is just impressive.

And, you have to love this version of Aladdin and Jasmine. Just so clever, I love it!

Oh yes! For my friends who love Lego, Star Wars, and Lego Star Wars, this Rogue One diorama is nuts!



Just finished in another panel. A spotlight on Bob Budiansky. Now, if you are trying to remember that name he was a major influence on early Ghost Rider as well as the editor for Spider-Man in the 90’s (he said he would have handled the clone wars differently if he could). But, I learned some other things on how big of an influence Budiansky was on most of us.

Probably the biggest thing was his influence on Transformers. When the toy line launched in the 80’s, Budiansky was approached for character outlines. In the end he is responsible for over 200 Transformer names and character traits. Like Megatron. He created who Megatron is.

The other surprise I got from this panel was Bob Budiansky was creative director of the 90’s Marvel trading cards. Oh yes, you know the ones. For a large amount of our generation those cards were what introduced us to comic books, and many characters.

Essentially what I am trying to say is Bob Budiansky is a hero.



So, this is hilarious.

I had just come out of the Bob Budiansky panel when I last updated. In the panel he had discussed how he was appointed director of special projects at Marvel in the 80’s. His job was to create all of the wacky projects thrown at Marvel Comics, like movie adaptations and what not. He jokingly referred to a special project with the NFL as the weirdest he had worked on.

Any ways, afterwards I proceeded to skim through piles and piles of comics in hunt for material for the Deconstructed series on this blog. And what, of all the random things pops up at me-

Of course I went and found Mr. Budiansky and had him sign it right away.


So, wrapping up my first day at Edmonton Expo. Awesome. They are hosting a great event. I am pleased to have this chance to hit everything I possibly can. Even though I do miss my family, they would really enjoy this. I am having a great time.

Don’t forget to check in tomorrow. There will be a separate post for day 2. I am more excited for Sunday’s events. Ernie Hudson from Ghostbusters is having a panel. And then a special Stranger Things panel too. Should be fun. So check back in.

As for me, I need to rest my feet and read NFL SuperPro now.

Thanks booknerds, and con-fans for riding with me. See you tomorrow!


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  1. Nancy says:

    Keep it coming! And include a picture of yourself in front of something especially cool!


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