Live Blog Feed from Edmonton Expo: Day Two

Good morning! And welcome back to the Green Onion Blog. It is day two of my live feed directly from Edmonton Comics and Entertainment Expo. If you are a fan of comics, cons, or pop culture this is the post for you.

A live blog feed works like this: During the day I will be adding updates to this very post. As you check back in you will find more and more of my experience written for you. If you follow me on the Twitter, @GreenOnionBlog, I will be twittering when an update goes up. Other wise it works out to be around every hour, maybe later if there is a panel.

You can find the full post from Day One here. I had a fun time and saw some great stuff. I am expecting today to be a bit cooler with some exceptional panels on the docket. Stay posted.

Stick around. And, check back regularly. First update soon.



A bit of a kerfuffle getting set up today with some network issues. But we are up and ready to go. I got my schedule planned out. I was hoping to fit in a few panels today. However, between Ernie Hudson and the Stranger Things panels there just isn’t much time for much else.

I did manage to score some swag. Check out this awesome shirt.

Anyways, I need more coffee this morning and I will update soon.



Umm… I ran into this guy. I may be in trouble…



I am getting ready for the Ernie Hudson panel, I will give you an update after. But before that I have some cosplay pics to share with you.

First off this amazing ensemble of the Defenders.

Then this Star Wars group that assembled in the hallway is brilliant. I specifically love the ewok, Wicket, too cute.



Well that Ernie Hudson panel was great. He is an honest and humble man. Very much an every man. He appreciates every where he has been and is going. And, he treats his elite acting career like an everyday job like you and I. Simply put, he is a genuine great guy.

I will be saving most my Ghostbuster talk for this Tuesday’s episode of Plog. Be sure to check that out. But, I really enjoyed getting some of his insights.



I am all set for the Stranger Things panel which will feature Caleb McLaughlin and Gaten Matarazzo who are inarguably some of the most fun pieces to the hit show. This panel is just in time for next months Netflix release of the second season. Fifteen minutes from the start and this is the most packed room I have seen yet. Of course, I did miss Gene Simmons on Friday.



Oh my goodness those kids are too funny. … Sorry, got distracted by warrior Care Bears-

Anyways. As expected that panel was one of the highlights from the whole weekend. They came on stage in TV star fashion, and as good friends continued to perform their secret handshake. As a bonus surprise for me, the panel was hosted by Sam Maggs, author of Wonder Women and writer at Bioware.

The boys were careful not to spill the beans on any Stranger Things 2 news. But, shared some entertaining stories on their time on season 1 and Broadway. Both these young gentlemen are meant for the limelight and they share the stage well. I was a fan before but I would recommend following their careers closely.

The show is coming to a close soon, so I need to get back in there for some last minute fun.



And that is a wrap on my Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo weekend. Thank you everyone who followed my adventure. It adds a level of enjoyment for me to live blog these events. Plus, it is like you got to come with me and save all the moneys.

Way to go Edmonton this was a great show and you have developed an amazing nerd culture. I will be back next year, if you’ll have me. And as long as the Oilers don’t win the cup because I will be way too upset with you.

As for me, I have the long drive back to Calgary ahead of me before I can shower up and rest. I better hit the road. I’m exhausted.

Check out some more con fun on Plog the Podcast this upcoming Tuesday. As well, I have scored some great books for Deconstructed, keep an eye on that series in the coming weeks.

Thanks booknerds, signing off till the next con.


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