Sunday Mise en Place (Sept. 25 to Oct. 1, ‘017)

Welcome back to the Sunday Mise en Place. The weekly post on the Green Onion Blog about nothing and everything. Here you can find information on the blog, on Plog the podcast, and a bit about me and my life. Last week was the first time in what feels like ever, that I missed composing the Mise en Place. It threw me right off all week. But, there was more important things to see and do last Sunday, as I will get to later. For now, let us look at what’s going on.

What’s Going On-

I had this weird dream last night where I was in an airport. I was trying to board my flight but, every time I got close they sent me to the back of the line. And, each time the line would be significantly longer, with significantly more annoying people. The worst part was, I was travelling with a giant burlap sack of rice for some reason. So, everywhere I went I needed to haul this giant bag of rice on my back. There’s a metaphor there for earning your way, or never giving up, but, I’m too tired to figure it out because I was carrying around a bag of rice all night.

Poor Jenn, wonderful, hardworking Jenn. That first month of her Master’s program took a toll on her. She has been tired, overwhelmed, and booked right up. It’s been hitting hard. Can I tell you guys something though. She is absolutely killing it. As this first month approached I had prepared myself for the most stressed out, irritable, Jenn possible. What she is undertaking is one of the biggest challenges a person in her career can take. So when she comes home tired and stressed, I am actually so proud that she is still smiling and laughing. She’s killing it.

Other than that everything’s good. Kids have been busy. They been getting lots of time with grandpa as I’ve been working more. We had my brothers half-dog here last week, which was fun for them. And, the snow is supposed to drop tomorrow ushering in winter. So you know, screw everything.

Last (2) Week’s Posts-

  • Plogémon was the sixth episode of Plog and well worth a listen.
  • Check out last weekends posts from Edmonton Expo. Two days of live blogging equals two great posts to catch up on. Read them here: Day 1, Day 2.
  • Then there is a special edition Plog, recapping the entire Expo experience.
  • I dropped a book review before the other book reviews I have been planning. Oh well, check out Warcross by Marie Lu.
  • As we usher in October today is a good day to read the 5 must see movies coming out this month.
  • The most fun I have had on the Deconstructed series yet, dropped yesterday. Check out the blatant attempt to sell football through comic books in SuperPro.


The docket, eh? There is such a good episode of Plog lined up for Tuesday. I mean my favourite Plog ‘pode yet, so be sure to listen to that. I scored some great issues for the Deconstructed series at Edm. Expo, so I am pumped to keep those coming. Maybe I will do another poll this week on which one you guys want to see. There’s still a couple book reviews coming. And, yes, it is the beginning of another month, pop culture history time! Other than that, I have been feeling inspired for some other major projects to get going, things are getting bigger and better. Stick around, you don’t want to miss a thing.

Thanks booknerds, for being booknerdy.


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