Deconstructed: Flash Vol. 2 #23

New York Comic Con is in full swing this weekend, and I couldn’t be more jealous of 200,000 people. The largest comic convention in North America is expected to drop some big announcements this year. More importantly may be the big trailers expected like Thor, and Star Wars. But, probably already dropped by the time I have published this would be the latest, and final trailer for Justice League. Whatever your feelings about the DCEU, and the upcoming super team film, the hype is there. And… well, we’re talking about it. I thought this would be a good day to finally do a Deconstructed on one of Justice Leagues most popular characters, The Flash.

The Cover-

I happen to have a massive collection of Flash books, and I find them enjoyable reads with great villains. But, when I saw this cover I knew I had to Deconstruct it because look at it… What the hell is going on? This is one of the most messed up covers I have seen. Is that Jonah Hex? There is some sort of man-fly, and Fat Albert as a marionette? Then there is just a giraffe chilling out. Oh yes, when I saw this crazy cover I knew this was a book that needed a good thorough reading. Let’s try to figure this out together shall we?


Gobble- or get gobbled! It’s Pac-Man! I do not remember Pac ever wearing a detective hat, but whatever. This advertisement commemorates Pac-Man’s appearance on Nintendo Entertainment Systems (8-bit). Bringing the hit arcade system into homes for the first time. Wait- Pinky, Inky, Blinky, and Clyde all have hats too? Why?

The Credits-

DC Comics


Volume 2, #23

“The Clipper Returns”

February 1989

Cover Price: $1US, $1.25CAN

Today’s Worth: $1

Written by William Messner-Loebs

Pencils by Gordon Purcell

Inks by Larry Mahlstedt and Tim Dzon

Letters by Steve Haynie

Colours by Michele Wolfman

Edited by Barbara Kesel

The Story-

In the 1930’s there was a hero that would hunt villains in the night and clip off the tops of their ears so they could never pass as an honest man.

He held all responsible for their crimes-

No one remembers him now, (probably because he was created for this book) but now he returns!

Meanwhile, Wally West has recently lost his powers as the Flash because of some alien bomb-thingie (that’s how they described it, not me). And, I guess he is returning home after a trip to Cuba with his mom and best friend Chunk.


John Elway is playing a game titled after him and losing to Danny Wimpasinger. Good. Look at Elway’s smug grin, urgh, I hope Wimpasinger smashes him hard. Also, you can find John Elway’s Quarterback wherever you can find Double Dragon, which is probably still true. Wipe that ugly grin off Elway’s face Wimpasinger!

Wally conveniently finds a note from Mason Trollsbridge that describes his plans to fight crime as The Clipper. Convenient. Oh, Wally also conveniently has a key to Mason’s apartment. Convenient. Wally ditches mom to go help.

And Chunk is like “ah, hell nah.”

Meanwhile, The Clipper negotiates the disarmament of a home invasion/robbery. It’s a whole ordeal that has no connection to the rest of the story. But, he rolls out to find a familiar face-

Wally goes for a ride with the Clipper in his Clipper-mobile (a truck). And he questions Mason on whether The Clipper may be a psychopath-

Then they stroll into the strange part of town-

They find the Pied Piper, kind of-

Wally takes a guess that they are dealing with Abra Kadabra. Except he’s gotten weirder and crueler-

And the showdown begins-


Well, check out this 1989 line-up for the Suicide Squad. Who the hell are they? I can name like 4 of them. Anyone? Asking for a friend. I can’t believe Dr. Light is in there, that dude is crazy!

While Clipper and Wally hide from the craze magician, Abra reveals that he knows where Wally lives. Except Wally don’t live there anymore, someone else does though-

Abra shows up quickly and I guess that wasn’t Fat Albert on the cover-

And he messes with him more-

Finally Flash shows up! Except he is still powerless, and hitching a ride on the Clipper-mobile.

Wally and Clipper ditch the truck-


The end. Wait… I’m so confused?

Fan Mail-

Flash’s own fan mail is cleverly titled Speed Reading, love it. Anyways, Kevin Hall is pissed off at Wally, and editor Barbara Kesel’s response is priceless-


WWF Wrestlemania VCR board game! Oh my god that sounds amazing and I want to play it right now! Look at Hulk Hogan rage out on that shirt. Everyone knows Hulk Hogan hates shirts so bad. The guy destroys so many shirts. Hulk hate cotton polyester blends!

I did find this sweet commercial featuring Macho Man. Take a look-

Thanks booknerds, moment of silence for the short lived Clipper-mobile. R.I.P. Clipper-mobile; Feb. 1989 to Feb. 1989…


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