Sunday Mise en Place (Oct. 9 to 15, ‘017)

Good day, and good week. Welcome back to the Sunday Mise en Place (MeP). Due to an influx of visitors at the Green Onion Blog (GOB), this seems like a good time to rewind and recap what the hell the Mise en Place is all about.

The term ‘mise en place’ is a french culinary term for ‘everything in its place’. I tend to use culinary terms on the GOB because I am a Red Seal Chef and the blog has a loose- extremely loose- theme of such. I title this weekly Sunday series the Mise en Place as a tool to organize myself, and give you, the readers, one place to go for all the GOB news and posts. Every Sunday I link all the weeks posts in this one convenient spot so you don’t have to miss a thing. This includes all GOB posts, any guest posts, as well as Plog- the podcast in which I am one-half of. Also, as I use this day to plan my week of writing, blogging, and podcasting, I like to give a bit of a peak at what’s upcoming.

The MeP is more than just a blog wrap up, I like to include a section simply called ‘What’s Going On’, in which I share some of the highlights going on in my, and my families life. This is also a great place to keep an eye out for any big announcements as my writing career and projects take fold.

Without much more messing around I will get into it. So, what’s going on?

What’s Going On-

This next week is looking crazy. I have a major freelance writing contract that is going to fill up most of my time. Which fits snuggly in a week that my partner Jenn is off to Winnipeg for yet another convention, for nursing, or geriatrics, or research, or something, its getting tough to keep track of what she is up to all the time. Anyways, its me and the kids this week, and it should be crazy.

For something fun this week, the kids and I went to a new comic convention. The first Foothills Comic Con. It was just a baby con. I like supporting these small start up cons though, as I would love for there to be more large nerd events. We had a great time, Alex got to wear her old Harley Quinn dress, she is such a future cosplayer. We saw some great cosplay, I was excited to see one young girl dressed as Ripley, with her little brother rocking a homemade Alien costume. Here’s a pic of the kids when they got to meet a couple troopers!

Other than that little Zyler has not been feeling to well this week and it’s been a lot of hanging around the house. Jenn’s been crazy busy with school and her pursuit of her Master’s degree. And Alex is in a massive dilemma as she tries to decide on just one Halloween costume.

Last Week’s Posts-

  • Episode nine of Plog the podcast dropped on its regular day, Tuesday. A special edition podcast is all about Thanksgiving, cleverly titled Plogs-giving.
  • The first Top Ten in far too long, check out this break down of the best fictional bands!
  • For a fun Deconstructed, in which I break down random comic issues, yesterday featured a 90’s What If… book with the X-Men. Check it out!


The tenth episode of Plog the podcast will be available on Tuesday! I’m getting ready to keep up a weekly review series hopefully launching this Wednesday. I will do a poll for this weeks Deconstructed so be sure to keep an eye out on the Twitter or Books Amino. And, as long as this contract doesn’t kill me there should be a special post coming this week as well.

Thanks nerds and nerdettes, talk to you next Sunday!


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