Deconstructed: Alpha Flight #2

This week I held a poll to decide on this weeks issue for Deconstructed. From my end it was an exciting turn of events. Starting off the poll it looked like it would be a unanimous vote for Tales of the Teen Titans. Not surprising, as the Titans are one of the most popular teams amongst todays youth vote. What did catch me off guard, was a sudden push for Alpha Flight, which must have garnered the Canadian vote. It was close. But, then Nancy of Graphic Novelty2 rolled into Twitter with a strong platform for Alpha Flight, earning just enough votes to catch up. And, we were tied. However, Nancy had a good point, that I should support my Canadian brethren by opting for the Canadian super team. As the tie-breaking decision, I doubled Nancy’s vote and voting ended.

I am sorry to let everyone who voted know that they were all wrong. The clear decision was Howard the Duck.

I am pretty ecstatic to talk some Alpha Flight though. There is a reason I dug this issue out. And, the team from up North was one of the reasons I decided to start this series in the first place. I love me some Canada. Americanization is a serious problem up North. Our culture is majorly influenced by our neighbours and distinguishing our media is often our goal. I, as a blogger try to do my part by promoting Canadian ideas, and creators like Munsch and Lemire. And, I will battle to the end that true Thanksgiving has already passed in October, and America is doing it wrong (looking at you Michael Miller). Still, there are many battles to be fought, like teaching my children the differences in spelling certain words, despite the way they will often see words written.

Alpha Flight is the premiere Canadian super hero group. First appearing in Uncanny X-Men on a mission to retrieve Wolverine and bring him back home. In a complete metaphor for our civilization, the powerhouse X-Men won the day, and Wolverine has never truly returned to the team he should be on. It’s like Wayne Gretzky all over again. Despite all that, Alpha Flight still managed to receive their own title through most of the 80’s with a solid 130 issue run. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much attention since with some failed re-launches and only vague references.

With that all said, let’s get Canadian up in here. Oh, and help me keep an eye out for spelling issues. Remember we like our u’s in words like favour, but we don’t like z’s in words like realise. We’re our own breed.

The Cover-

Oh snap, Marrina, who first appeared in the first Alpha Flight issue is showing her true alien colours. Also, this is the first issue that shows only the complete Alpha Flight team. As, issue one was pumped full of Marvel all-stars like Spidey, Thor, and Fantastic Four in an attempt to sell more issues. We’ve seen that method before on Deconstructed as Spidey was placed on NFL SuperPro #1 to sell that issue. So, it is nice to see a cover that is all Alpha, all the time.


Marvel Comics
Alpha Flight
Shadows of the Past
September 1983
Cover Price: $0.75
Today’s Worth: $2 to $5
Cover by John Bryne and Terry Austin
Written by John Bryne
Pencilled by John Bryne
Inked by John Bryne
Coloured by Andy Yanchus
Lettered by Tom Orzechowski
Edited by Danny O’Neil
Note: John Bryne who handled most of Alpha Flight’s series launch and creation is not Canadian…

The Story-

There he is, introduced as Canada’s greatest weapon (which is probably true), testing his own powers outside of the Albany River Proving Grounds. Which is also our first Americanization, as it is described as 20 miles southwest of Fort Albany, instead of 32.19 kilometres. Anyways, it looks like the team is doing some sparring-

Sasquatch gets sideswiped by teammate Marrina-

Which makes Puck’s day-

The team takes a break from their war games, but Marinna is not feeling well. As Puck tries to see what’s up, she lashes out-

Marrina messes Puck up pretty bad and runs away in the water. Northstar and Aurora give chase to no avail-

They rush Puck to Dr. Twoyoungmen? With the first appearance of the Omnijet-

I guess Puck’s condition is pretty bad. Which is strange considering he is supposed to be one of Canada’s greatest heroes. Elsewhere, Snowbird gets an alert from Shaman, and ditches her duties as an RCMP officer-


Word games! I think I have showcased this particular ad before. But, who cares, booknerds love word games!

In a flashback of Marrina’s origins, a sea captain is blown off his ship to discover an egg lost deep below the ocean-

And this family raised an alien baby as their own… sounds familiar-

In real time and a hundred “miles” away, Marrina is following an internal calling-


88 cents for some fake parking tickets! That seems… illegal. A Venus fly trap sounds pretty dope though.

Marrina makes her way through the frozen palace to discover who is calling her-

The Master of the World!


You have to love this, especially with the recent release of Defenders. And, I sure am grateful that comics are still cheaper than a doctor bill.

Fan Mail-

No fan mail yet for Alpha Flight. Usually, the mail is a few issues behind. But there is this classic image and guess who made the roster? That’s right Alpha Flight!


Again, I have shown this ad before, but, I did manage to find this awesome YouTube video that cracked me up. I was hoping for another opportunity to share it on the blog.

Thanks booknerds, O Canada.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. For Tyeth says:

    Thanks Green Onion, another fun deconstruction. And this one reminded me of another great Canadian Icon. I think that the Alpha Flight’s Omnijet looks a bit like the famous Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow interceptor fighter jet. One of the greatest aviation designs ever, it’s a shame the Space Age and Sputnik came along when it did and ended the Arrow program.


  2. Nancy says:

    Sacre Bleu- what a great Alpha Flight story! Is it just me or does the front cover look like Marrina is pushing up her breasts (and it obviously pains her)?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Green Onion says:

      …I did not notice that…

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Nancy says:

        Once you see it, you cannot un-see it!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Nancy says:

    One more thing- Alpha Flight does make an appearance in Civil War II!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Alpha Flight (at least Puck, Sasquatch, and Aurora (I think)) are a regular part of the Captain Marvel comic now. They run the Alpha Flight space station with her and get into all kinds of cosmic hijinks.

    Also, I couldn’t help but notice some stores are already getting their Thanksgiving decorations out for sale. You have to be careful or you’ll miss them…since Thanksgiving falls between Halloween and Christmas (as November (the home of Thanksgiving) falls between October and December) it can sometimes be overshadowed, at least with the decorations.


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