Sunday Mise en Place (Oct. 16 to 22, ‘017)

Good day, good week. And, welcome back to the Sunday Mise en Place. A weekly series about blogging, Plogging, and life living. For a more thorough break down of what the heck a Mise en Place is, I did a bit of a catch up on last weeks installment, check it out. For now all you need to know is, this is where you can come for Green Onion news, blogs, updates, and what’s going on…

What’s Going On-

Well Mamma-dukes is still off in Winnipeg. And, while my super-partner is off being super, the kids and I are busy… being unsupervised. Luckily, Jenn returns home later today, so, I gotta write this quick so we can start putting the house back in order. Jenn, if you’re reading this, everything is fine, stop reading, nothing to worry about. But seriously, there is a squirrel loose in the laundry room, the bathtub is full of Jell-o, and Alex’s skin is all purple because of our experiment to turn her into a unicorn. Just kidding, it’s been boring and busy, lots of school and work.

We did make it out to another cool event yesterday. The Calgary Collectors-Fest. It was a blast of nostalgic toys and video games. Blew Zyler’s mind on my extensive knowledge on NES and Super Nintendo. Kid, this is all we had, and there was no YouTube to walk us through. And Alex was completely disgusted when I showed her what original Troll dolls looked like. I think she thought it was some sick joke. There was lots of fun there, like a video game section where the kids could play all the classic consoles. Zyler rocked an old Saga Genesis. There was also an elaborate set up of Hot Wheels tracks which the kids would have spent their entire day had I not pried them away so Dad could look at comic books.

Other than that, the weeks been super busy, causing a short list on last week’s posts. Don’t worry this will be remedied with an over booked week for the blog in the next coming days.

Last Weeks Posts-

  • It’s a time travelling adventure on Plog as we look ahead with the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer. Then we rewind the clocks way back, and get prehistoric, in Jurassic Plog.
  • Everyone’s favourite Canadian super team, Alpha Flight, gets the Deconstructed treatment. Wait, they’re Canada’s only super team…


Posts, posts, posts. Halloween is coming and I need to share my fears. We play games on Plog this week. I plan on sharing my tips on getting my kindergartener to do homework. We will look ahead on what November has in store for the box office. Fellow blogger, For Tyeth created a lightsaber specifically for me, check it out, I also plan on talking about my plans for this bad boy. Deconstructed is going to be lean, green, and radical this week. Uh, yeah, that is all I can fit into one week. It’s going to be a good one. Stay tuned.

Thanks booknerds, go read a book.


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