Sunday Mush en Claws (Oct. 23 to 29, ‘017)

Happy Halloween weekend! The most frightening part of a Tuesday Halloween as a parent is Wednesday. Sending children to school with a candy hangover feels like torture. Welcome to the Sunday Mush en Claws, a terrible spooky pun for the Sunday Mise en Place. A weekly series where I talk about last week, because I am not a fortune teller and have no idea how Halloween will go. But, oh well, it was a good week, either way, so let’s check out what is going on-

What’s Going On-

I did have a nightmarish week actually. A parent’s worse fear realized. We had two kids home sick from school with fevers. Having one child home is bad enough but, when you have two sick kids fighting over space on the couch, or what is on the tube, it is the worse. This combined with Jenn being gone the week before, I pretty much lost my mind. I enjoy working at home, and being able to adapt to weeks like this but, a man can only take so much.

This week my nephew, Bennett turned the big 2. Happy birthday, Bennett. Luckily, the kids were well enough by the weekend that we got to go to his birthday party yesterday. I can’t wait to see what kinda trouble this little dude gets into for the year synonymous with being terrible. That’s a pretty good Halloween present for my brother and wife.

Now we get ready for the big night. My little Power Rangers are getting pumped for the biggest day of candy consumption of the year. Time to throw on some scary movies to get them ready. Beetlejuice or Hocus Pocus?

Last Week’s Posts-

  • I was surprised when a fellow blogger, For Tyeth, designed a lightsaber inspired by the G.O.B. So, I had to write a post on all the things I would do with it. 10 Things I Would Do With a Lightsaber.
  • A special edition Plog put Eric, and I head to head once again. This time we play Munchkin live on Plog.
  • In a review of a Professor Ladybug workbook, I share a few personal tips on how we got our kindergartener to get excited about homework.
  • In post #365 on the G.O.B., I just wanted to say thank you.


Tomorrow I plan on sharing a classic scary post. Then, this week Plog falls on Halloween, look forward to a special episode. We will take a look at Novembers pop culture history in the new month. And, I will review an urban fantasy adventure. Deconstructed is up on Saturdays, and who knows what book will be featured this week. All this and more as always on the Green Goblion Blog.

Thanks booknerds, have a scary Halloween.


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