Deconstructed: Sweet Tooth #2

It is about time that I Deconstructed a Jeff Lemire comic. I mean, I do mention him enough on the G.O.B., find some reviews here, here, here, here, here, just for a few. Sweet Tooth in particular is a series that I love. It was the first major ongoing series from Lemire, and his work on this title is what lead him to making his way to the big 2 publishing companies.

Sweet Tooth takes place in a dystopian future where most the population has passed away due to a deadly virus. In the first issue we met little Gus, who lived with his father in the woods. And, oh yeah, he’s a half deer. When Gus’s father disappeared in the winter snow, he was left alone in his cabin for a couple years. Until, a couple hunters showed up, and that is where we start in issue #2…

The Cover-

Another simple, beautiful Lemire cover. The colourist, Jose Villarrubia does a spectacular job of working with Lemire’s minimalist work, and bringing life to any scene. A great shot of Gus and Jepperd starting their journey.


Borderlands is one of the very few modern games I have played. I flippin’ loved it, great story, fun game play. Seeing this ad kind of makes me want to play.

The Credits-

Sweet Tooth
“Sweet Tooth out of the Deer Woods: Part 2”
December 2009
Cover Price: $2.99
Today’s Worth: $2 to $6
Written by Jeff Lemire
Pencilled by Jeff Lemire
Inked by Jeff Lemire
Coloured by Jose Villarrubia
Lettered by Pat Brosseau
Edited by Brandon Montclare and Bob Schreck

The Story-

Little Gus has just had a traumatizing experience. First, being hunted by to renegade trappers. Then, a mysterious figure just murdered one of the hunters. I doubt Gus has witnessed a murder before.

And, then he sees another-

Gus does what any of us would do and hides under his bed.

Maybe, it’s not such a great hiding spot after all.

Gus and Jepperd get to know each other- well Jepperd get’s to know Gus, as he asks all the questions. There is an added mystery, and foreshadowing, as Gus’s age does not line up.

Jepperd is a good dude, offering Gus sanctuary, but the deer-kid is not having it.

Oh, wait, maybe he is.

And, like any great journey, Gus must make that first big step. With so much fear and uncertainty it is scenes just like this that show why Lemire is a master of his craft.

The journey moves forward, and Gus has placed his trust in a stranger.

Later, we see some bonding, and it would make sense that Gus is a vegan.

That’s when Jepperd pulls out a chocolate bar… from seven years ago? But, we do have our titular moment.

As Jepperd sleeps, a tribe of mysterious men make their move. Adding to the threat of leaving Gus’s safe haven.

This is when we get to see just how bad ass Jepperd is.

He’s a super bad ass.

But, not invulnerable.

And, Gus is left in a world he doesn’t know, with his only guidr and protector bleeding to death in front of him…


If you have not read anything by Max Brooks before, trust me when I tell you he is the greatest living expert on zombie lore. His work is amazing, and this book is a great start.

Thanks booknerds, if this got you interested in the Sweet Tooth series, I would recommend getting into it. It gets wild!


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