Deconstructed: Silver Surfer #14

It is the cosmic entity Silver Surfer vs. the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man in today’s Deconstructed! A battle of epic heroes. Two of Marvels biggest headliners going toe to toe. In all honesty, Spider-Man doesn’t stand a chance against the powers cosmic. But, for the sake of putting these two heavy hitters together in one book, Stan Lee made it happen.

What I have here is a reprint of the original 1970 book. So, there will be no adverts in today’s Decon. For the sake of giving everyone the pure, unique story. A plot that is simple, but lovable, and classic Stan Lee. Let’s get into it.

The Cover-

In 1970, this was a mind-blowing moment. The always fan-favourite Spider-Man on the cover of the hottest new book. Silver Surfer had just made waves, arriving in Fantastic Four only a few years earlier. Almost instantly, Surfer gained his own title because of the amazing reception of the character. Typically, a Surfer book takes place in the endless cosmos, but for the sake of selling books, like the cover says “sooner, or later it had to happen,” and these two characters had to clash. They have pretty high contrasting personalities, and its surprising they didn’t meet more often.

The Credits-

Marvel Comics Group
The Silver Surfer
“The Surfer and the Spider”
March 1970
Cover Price: $0.15
Todays Worth: $80 – $20
Written by Stan Lee
Pencilled by John Buscema
Inked by Dan Adkins
Lettered by Sam Rosen
Edited by Stan Lee

The Story-

A Surfer patrols the cosmos, when he realizes that a meteor is headed for the planet Earth, in which he has grown kind of fond. So, he does what a good Surfer should and tries to stop it.

I just want to mention the beautiful artwork of John Buscema. This panel is a wonderful example of his ability to make a character like Norrin Radd, and make him look epic. Love it.

But, as he destroys the meteor a piece of debris catches Surfer off guard and sends him plummeting to Earth.

A couple of astronauts witness the event but, say nothing, as they don’t want ground control to know they are still out in space? I think they know…

On Earth, young Henry is watching a Captain America show, sweet! But his pops isn’t having it. Henry is all of us with his A+ answer-

Which gets him sent to his room. But, as he sits there, he sees something out his window.

The Surfer is dizzy and disoriented from his collision.

Someone else happens to be close by as well. This is gonna be a good day for Henry.

I don’t know how Spidey misses a shot, but he does.

And then he overreacts? C’mon Spidey.

Norrin battles back but, is careful not to harm the little Spider.

Lucky for Henry, Surfer makes his way back to his apartment building.

As Henry makes his way to the roof to catch a glimpse of Surfer, Spidey catches him first. No one ever thinks to just let the Surfer chill. Spidey is coming off as a big dick in this issue.

Like his webs would have any impact on Norrin.

Yup, that’s one of a hundred ways he could deal with the webbing.

Spider-Dick makes another behind the back attack.

And they call out the friggin’ National Guard! That escalated quickly.

And, Henry makes the big score of finding Surfers abandoned board. Who wouldn’t hop on?

Surfer, getting annoyed with the Spider, ties him up in a car, precisely the best thing to do.

But, oh yeah, this gives the friggin’ army their chance, and they attack Surfer without mercy.

Clearly, Surfer just wants to go home now. But, oh snap, Henry is still on that board, and he can’t stabilize himself.

Surfer has to sacrifice his defences to save the boy.

And Henry is like, “aw shit.”

Finally, someone stops the army from shooting. Trigger happy much?

And, suddenly everyone is like “oh, Surfers cool,” and they all go home, Spidey too. Leaving Norrin wondering what the hell is wrong with these people. No apologies, you think Spider-Man could have said something- anything. … The end.

Thanks booknerds, and if Silver Surfer drops into your neighbourhood try not to call the army on him.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. mlbradford says:

    Back in th day, th Silver Surfer never really appealed (no cool costume) but lately -thro Marvel UK reprints – have come to appreciate th (appropriately enough) Silver Age ishs, (esp. The Good. Th Bad, Th Uncanny, featuring Loki)
    Glad to find your blog! Enjoying catching up thro your Archive


  2. Given that Dan Slott writes/loves both of these characters now, it would be interesting to see what he could cook up for a modern run in between Spidey and the Surfer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Green Onion says:

      Its a tough couple characters to bring together but, I’m sure Slott could find a brilliant way to manage it that would make thousands of fans angry for no reason

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahahahaha, yeah, he has a polarizing effect. I’m not sure why. Since I’ve started reading his stuff (Spider-Verse, Superior Spider-Man, everything since Pete came back after Doc Ock), I can’t see why some people hate him so much. He clearly loves Spidey and he really tries to make the stories feel fresh! I don’t get it.


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