Sunday Mise en Place (Nov. 13 to 19, ‘017)

Good week everybody, welcome back to the Sunday Mise en Place. Typically, I like to write up this little intro paragraph describing what the Mise en Place is about. However, you can visit any other Mise en Place in its growing history and receive just that. This week, I’m going to shake it up and will define what Sunday is, instead. Erhm. Sunday is often considered the first day of the week in most modern calendars despite being officially placed at the end of the week by international standard ISO 8601. Appearing after Saturday, Sunday is a weekend day of rest before the dreaded Monday. Sunday used to be the best because Magical World of Disney would appear on TV in the evenings. But, Disney stopped caring about us and magic, and Sundays, and cartoons.

What’s Going On-

Sorry for the lack of postings in the last couple weeks. I have had this idea for a new project and something urged me to get it started. The good news is, in the next week or so I will be ready to launch.

Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson is starting out better than I could have hoped for. Worth the wait. And, the 1400+ pages. I also wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone that Ben Affleck is a terrible Batman.

Last Week’s Posts-

  • I got my first news article on Bubbleblabber this week with the release of the trailer and box art for Batman: Gotham by Gaslight.
  • Children of Time was one of the best books that I have read this year. Be certain to read my review.


Besides hoping to launch my new project I have a couple things lined up this week. There is a follow up to the Ladybug children’s book review I did a few weeks ago. Check in to see how little Alex’s process is going. And, I found a really special book for the next Deconstructed. As always, you never know what will happen next on the G.O.B. so stay tuned.

Thanks booknerds, have a Sunday.


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