Professor Ladybug: Teaches ABC

I am excited to review this next workbook in the Professor Ladybug library. A couple of weeks ago I shared a review of Alphabet Animals, and my daughter and I had a lot of fun with it. Alex (5), enjoyed that workbook so much that she has almost filled out every page, and spent much of her free time going through it- which any parent can tell you, is a downright miracle in these days of tablets, video games, and Netflix. Naturally, Alex was ecstatic when another Professor Ladybug book had arrived.

I have had the pleasure of working with the publishers of Professor Ladybug, receiving these workbooks for my (and Alex’s) review. I would like to mention the wonderful experience it has been. They have been incredibly kind,- many of my blogging comrades can tell you how rare that can be- and I truly appreciate their concern for the quality of the product. Requesting that if there were any quality issues with our copy, that I let them know so they can rectify it for future customers. You have to appreciate a company that goes a step above to assure the best possible product.

The second book we have received is Professor Ladybug Teaches ABC. I think Alex and I were both grateful that this was our second workbook, as it proved to be a little more challenging than the first. Offering children a chance to write out letters and words in a repetitive way, helps to build skills, but, can be tough for someone like Alex, who has a hard time concentrating. Fortunately, this book offered some creative alternatives. We enjoyed playing a dice game, where she rolled a die, had to count the numbers and draw the correlating upper case, or lower case letter. It helped her to practise some counting, at the same time as breaking up the repetition.

Here's Alex practising R's, her letter of the week at school.

Here’s Alex practising R’s, her letter of the week at school.

Having these additional workbooks at home has been a blessing for her efforts at school. She has been able to get some extra practice, as well as offer her some other words that they may not cover in class. Alex was able to take her lessons on those R’s, pictured above, and impress her teacher with how quickly she developed overnight.

Alex has been enjoying this book so much that she has been forgoing her nightly story time to do homework. Last night, as she was doing some of the bonus pages in the back when she hit a snag. One of the mazes had an issue, where the start had no connection to the end.

As I prepared to let the publisher know of the mistake (as I mentioned they care about these types of typos), I realised that this was an opportunity for a whole other kind of lesson. It frustrated her (and boy can she show frustration) that she couldn’t finish the maze she had started, and wanted to break through one of the walls. But, I wouldn’t let her. I calmed her down and explained to her, that sometimes we don’t always get to finish what we started. In life, things will get in our way, and while it can be great to push through walls, sometimes they are not meant to move. The best thing to do is take a breath, not let it frustrate you, turn the page and take on a new challenge. It was an unexpected opportunity to share some valuable philosophy that you would not plan to find in a book like this- and I am sure the publishers did not intend on it either- but, it goes to show that mistakes will happen, and there is always a lesson to be learned.

Professor Ladybug has been a great addition to our nightly routine. Alex has learned a lot from this book, and her writing is slowly getting much clearer. The thing I appreciate most is the simplified, entertaining approach that this book has. It has done what many other workbooks- and teachers- have struggled to do for my daughter; capture her attention and interest. I would recommend Professor Ladybug to any parent. It can be difficult to find a workbook that is as effective and fun as these have been for us.


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