Sunday Mise en Place (Nov. 20 to 26, ‘017)

Welcome back to Green Onion’s Sunday Mise en Place. We are going to paint up a happy little post today. The M.e.P. is made up of three components. There is a breakdown of all the content that I have released the previous week from every corner of the net. As well as a sneak peek at the posts that I have planned for the near future. But, first, a bit about my personal life, my family, and the like, as I answer the question: what’s going on?

What’s Going On-

First up, I am excited to introduce and announce the launch of my latest website, goYYC. The goal for goYYC is to organise and feature all of the local geek events in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. From one of the biggest comic expos in the country to small board game get-togethers, it is all featured in a calendar of events and a weekly update. Check out the site. And, a thank you for all the support in that first week. Especially to those blogger friends who could care less what is happening thousands of kilometres away, but supported knowing how difficult these things can be to get off the ground. The inaugural week was a big success, and I can’t wait to develop goYYC further. Speaking of geek events, the kids and I soaked one in yesterday at the Calgary Holiday Expo. A spin-off of sorts of the Calgary Comic Expo, the holiday show features exhibitors selling merch for the Christmas season. We had a lot of fun as the kids got to meet Santa, and Groot, who was dressed up like a Christmas tree. I am always happy to have another comic event to attend and am grateful for this Alien themed photo op.

Last Week’s Posts-

  • The first post from goYYC, which will become a weekly feature, check out the Geek Out.
  • This week’s Deconstructed featured a long forgotten, limited run 60’ title, Inferior Five. It’s pretty ridiculous.


This next week is full of goodies. The first entire week of goYYC will have a new post early this week. And, the Green Onion Blog will take a look at next months movies; anybody knows if there is anything good coming out in December? I think I may take a look at a film Wednesday’s review spot, while the next Deconstructed may make you say ‘what the..?!’ We should also have a look at some pop culture history, and anything else may come up, so stay connected. Thanks booknerds. “Everybody needs a friend. Even a tree.”


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