Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

I went into today planning on doing a review on Thor: Ragnorak. Which I will do right now: So. Bloody. Good. I wanted to talk about the fantastic cinematic adventure it was, and how Marvel has made movies an absolute blast. How Thor had a perfect blend of action, adventure, comedy, and stakes. Plus, the heroic power scenes of the titular character going all out. So. Bloody. Good.

But, something happened when I woke up. Something that has shaken me to the core. This arrived:

Avengers: Infinity War! And, the countdown begins!

We have been through so much with these characters, and it is all about to culminate in the next two Avengers films. From Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America, Marvel’s holy trinity, being put through the ringer and losing so much, to the arrival of Thanos. And, things are about to get real bad.

This is an event so significant it affects everybody. From the heroes of the streets like Spider-Man. Nations across the planet from America to Wakanda. Gods. Wizards. And, travellers of the stars. This is a big freaking deal.

Thor: Ragnorak Spoiler!

And, hoo hoo hoo. The Infinity Gauntlet! It makes sense that Thanos chases down the Asgardian ship at the end of Ragnorak. Because did we really expect Loki to leave the Tesseract on the imploding world? So, before Thanos even arrives on Earth, he could easily have at least two gems. Then we see him tear Visions gem off. And, Doctor Strange is in for a battle. Leading to the battle for Wakanda. This is going to be a crazy film!

Who dies? How will it end? Will the heroes come together? Or, is that being saved for Avengers 4? So many questions! That music just got me so amped up!

Thank goodness we have a few major movies to tide us over. It’s going to be a long 6-month wait.

Thanks filmgeeks. Pumped.


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