Deconstructed: What The..?! #6

Time to take a look at the Marvel mag of mirth and mayhem! What The..?! was a superhero parody series that ran for 26 issues from 1988 to 1993. It featured some of the most popular parody characters Marvel ever created including The Pulverizer and Spider-Ham. Through the years What The..?! involved work from Marvel’s most celebrated creators like Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, and Kurt Busiek. The best part is the advertisements are all parodies as well, which is right up my alley for this series. So, let’s get right into it!

The Cover-

This cover is brought to us by legendary comic creator John Byrne; as he was highly involved in much of the early What The..?!’s. This book is centred around the storyline “Smacks of Vengeance” a play on the big crossover event of the time “Acts of Vengeance”. Awful Flight is shown on this cover but, do not make an appearance.

The Credits-

Marvel Comics (Sometimes referred to as Marble Comics in What The..?!)
What The..?!
“Smacks of Vengeance”
January 1990
Cover Price: $1
Today’s Worth: $1 – $2
Cover by John Byrne
Written by John Byrne, Doug Rice, Hilary Barta, Howard Mackie, Peter B. Gillis
Pencilled by John Byrne, Hilary Barta, Adam Blaustein, Doug Rice
Inked by Terry Austin, Hilary Barta, Chris Ivy
Lettered by Rick Parker, Willie Schubert, Brad K. Joyce
Coloured by Mike Rockwitz, Linda Lessmann, Ronn Stern, Kelly P. Corvese
Edited by Terry Kavanagh, Carl Potts, Tom DeFalco

The Story-

“Smacks of Vengeance”
Scaredevil takes his ‘blind-date’ for a swing around New York-

Which doesn’t end well-

Scaredevil has been foiled by a dastardly villain. The Jokester!

Thankfully, Scaredevil is saved by another hero, the mighty Sore!

Or, not.

Another villain arrives on the scene, Sinestronie!

Another hero arrives in Scaredevil’s defence. The Canadian toque wearing weapon, Wrillimean!

You know where this is going. Bad guy Dee-See character shows up. Who is it? Oh, Mabilla Grood!

Good guy. And we have… Coliseum!

Enter bad guy… Metal-Toe!

Too much! Only one man can get to the bottom of this, Chaplin America. And he calls upon his team to assemble, The Revengers! For those who have seen Ragnorak, that is extra funny!

When a couple of characters arrive in place of The Scarlet Wench and Visionary-

Chaplin America clarifies why he has assembled the Revengers-

When the newest Revenger arrives with answers-

Motorola happens to know who is behind this Dee-See crossover-

Low Key explains himself. Kind of.

But, why would the Dee-See villains go along with Low Key’s plan?

And, that’s that. With one final jab from Marble Comics-

“Origins of The Pulverizer”

One day Frank Casket is strolling in the park with his puppy, Scruffy. The dog meets a man named, Bulldog.

Who turns out to be a jerk.

Frank Casket waits for his puppy to come back. …

Frank decides that there are too many bad dudes in the world and that he will kill them all.

He trained and was ready. All he needed was a costume-

In the hunt for his dog’s killer, he hit the streets for information-

And was able to seek his revenge-

Fun Page-

Can anyone draw this out? I’m not sure it’s anything?


The Elctrico vermin zapper!

The Incredible Bulk air sickness bag!

My favourite, a tank! This is extra funny because I have ripped on the child’s tank advertisements a couple of times in the Deconstructed, including last week.

“Sore Wants a Haircut!”

Sore wants a haircut-

Which he rightly earns-

Sore gets a cut he wasn’t expecting-

The barber assures Sore that his other customers never complain.

Sore summons thunder and lightning, and washes these haircuts out.

And, he seeks out a new barber.

Fan Mail-


I will leave you with this piece of gold.

Thanks booknerds, and write Marble Comics about bringing back What The..?! Imagine Skottie Young on this title?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. For Tyeth says:

    What The….?! I am finding it hard enough trying to learn about the regular comic book characters, let alone parody characters too! Mind you I do like the “Guest Appearance” of Adam West asking about Cesar Romero’s moustache! (I hear Romero was so attached to his moustache he’d never shave it off and applied the Joker face paint over the top of it!)


  2. Looks they were having a lot of fun! Love how they made spoof adverts too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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