Sunday Mise en Place (Nov. 27 to Dec. 3, ‘017)

Welcome to the first Sunday Mise en Place of December. This is an exciting month for bloggers as December operates a bit differently than other months. Besides getting ready for the holiday season, the end of the year brings wrap-ups, years bests (and worsts), and look ahead’s. I have a few posts on the docket this month that I look forward to all year. The Mise en Place alone will have two special editions this month. For now, standard format M.e.P., which I explain all the time, so, let’s just get into what’s going on.

What’s Going On-

Lego is back on the scene in the house in a big way. Jenn and I have been stashing Lego advent calendars for the kids for over a month. After the first day, it has been all about Lego again. The big bin that sits in the closet and only gets pulled out when the kids can’t have screen time has now had a regular appearance all weekend. It’s like their normal kids again, instead of Minecraft zombies. Oh. And, we had a movie night and played the first Harry Potter for them. Many of my book blogger friends will be happy to hear they loved it.

It was my brother’s birthday a couple of days ago, and we’re excited to have him over for dinner tonight. So, happy birthday… I guess… Also, this week Jenn’s family is coming to town for some Christmas time. Naturally, Alex is losing it. To Alex, Nana is life. It’s great to be getting the family time started right off the bat in December.

Other than all the fun, it’s been busy. Jenn is approaching her last few classes of the semester, and of course, that brings major assignments. She is almost through though, her first semester in her Master’s program hasn’t killed her yet. And, I got work coming at me fast, keep an eye out for new stuff coming this month.

Last Week’s Posts-

  • It seems funny to add the goYYC Geek Out to this column considering it ends on Sundays. However, goYYC is still a baby and needs the help, so check it out anyways!
  • December has been a significant month for movies since Titanic made a splash (sorry) in the 90’s. Have a look at December ‘017’s line-up.
  • I had planned on doing a review on Thor: Ragnorak, cause it, was so bloody good. But, the Avengers: Infinity War trailer dropped, and I couldn’t help but write about it.
  • I wrote a piece for Bubbleblabber this week all about how the show Big Mouth made Jenn and I squirm.
  • The Deconstructed this week was a lot of fun, as I broke down What The..?! #6. A great book that deserves a comeback.


Make sure to check in to goYYC tomorrow for the next Geek Out. Besides a couple of articles going up on Bubbleblabber this week, I also have a couple of other assignments in the works, keep an eye out. Wednesday’s review will feature some kidlit. And the Deconstructed… I can’t decide. Should I do a poll again? Other than that, some special December posts are coming, I need to organise myself and figure out a schedule, but something may show up this week. Stick around.

Thanks booknerds, happy December!


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