Deconstructed: Wonder Woman #275

Today in Deconstructed it as all about the Amazonian goddess that took 2017 by storm, Wonder Woman! Diana Prince is enjoying the height of her popularity right now, inspiring women and young girls into empowerment. Appearing in two blockbusters this year, WW has become the iconic face of the DCEU. With a strange creation that finds origins in lie detector tests and bondage, Wonder Woman has come along way from her first appearance in 1941.

The issue we are looking at from the original Wonder Woman title features the first strike from a new-old villain. Cheetah first appeared in Wonder Woman #6 and has long been associated as Diana’s arch nemesis. The original Cheetah, Priscilla Rich, was a victim of split personality disorder that was angered by Wonder Woman’s fame and notoriety. Rich, either felt she succeeded in her battles with Diana, or gave up, because she retired in the 70’. In Wonder Woman #274 (issue previous to today’s Deconstructed issue) villain Kobra tries to recruit Rich, instead she passes away. Rich’s neice, Deborah Domaine- who had come to visit her ill aunt- is then recruited as the new Cheetah (#2 of 4). And, that is where today’s story begins.

The Cover-

This cover is action packed and delivered to us by Rich Buckler and DC executive editor Dick Giordano. Diana and Cheetah are in a full out brawl in the middle of the ocean on a collision course with a much larger boat. This is attention grabbing cover art at its finest during the late 70’s, early 80’s. You will also notice an extra featuring the Huntress. This was part of an ongoing initiative to promote the less popular character by adding the bonus story to the title. I cut it out of this Decon because it is all about the Amazon princess today.


Who would have thought growing up as a kid, all I needed was cowboy boots to not be picked on? Hmm.

The Credits-

DC Comics
Wonder Woman
Volume 1
“Claws of the Cheetah”
January 1981
Cover Price: $.50
Today’s Worth: $5 – $2
Written by Gerry Conway
Pencilled by Jose Delbo
Inked by Dave Hunt
Coloured by Jerry Serpe
Lettered by Ben Oda
Edited by Len Wein

The Story-

The new Cheetah approaches a dam in Maryland.

As a maintenance worker contemplates how amazing the security is at his job, he is sneak attacked.

Cheetah proceeds to destroy the whole damn dam! That is a pretty solid first strike for a new villain.

Elsewhere, Diana is at her job for the armed services. Although, she looks like she is at a post office. And… she is complaining about sleep.

Steve Trevor, who has recently come back from the dead is being reprimanded for his part in designing the dam that Cheetah just blew up.


Oh when Saturday morning cartoons were at their height of awesomeness. Many of these shows did not last, and who knew about Astro and the Space Dogs- that sounds great! Also, I would love to watch The Godzilla (which we should totally YouTube). The Herculoids looks like something else entirely.

After hearing about the dam explosion, and resulting town flood, Steve and Diana have arrived to investigate.

Diana cannot sit idly by while people are in need of help, and dives in as Wonder Woman! Steve, the most naïve man to ever exist is blown away by WW’s arrival but, does not question Diana’s sudden disappearance.

A boy is trapped on a rooftop with emergency crews trying to reach him.

Wonder Woman to the rescue!

When a certain villain decides to swing by in a motor boat.

WW strikes and quickly realizes that this is a new Cheetah than she is used to.


Aqua-Man and Aqua-Lad save a submerging space capsule, and bring the astronauts to their under sea kingdom. There is only one way for them to prove that they are on Earth, Hostess Fruit Pies! With “real fruit filling” “and the light, tender crust I like so much.” Good old Hostess Fruit Pies, bringing Earthlings together.

Anyways, Wonder Woman is getting her ass kicked.

Cheetah manages to knock her off the boat-

For all the things WW can do, apparently she cannot swim- or, fly through water- despite growing up on an island?

Above, Cheetah releases a balloon that reads “Death to the Planet Killers,” just for the heck of it.

But, she does scoop up the lasso of truth.

Later, Wonder Woman is saved by Steve Trevor with not a scratch on her. She also came out of the water with perfect hair, so, there’s that.

Then, WW finds out that Priscilla Rich has been found dead.

“Robot Plane, come to me!”


The sweetest Pez ad I have ever seen!

On a whim, I guess, WW decides to investigate Deborah Domaine’s (niece of Rich) boat and easily scoops up her lasso, confirming who Domaine is.

Unfortunately, Diana is caught red handed. Fortunately, she can transform to Wonder Woman magically? And, without giving up her secret identity?

A struggle ensues, which obviously sets the boat in motion, which isn’t tied down of course.

Cheetah reveals her plans that all men must die! Which I have heard many woman claim recently on Twitter should become a reality- so, even Wonder Woman thinks these are villainous thoughts. Proof.

Anyways, the boat is still going in the water and is now on a collision course.

Of course they crash in a massive explosion! We do not see WW again in this book, they may have tried to confirm she survived but, meh.

And, the villain behind it all is revealed, Kobra!


Sea Monkeys! Can you still get these? Weren’t they just freeze-dried shrimp or something that floated around? Sounds epic!

Fan Mail-

Regarding Steve Trevor’s recent rise from the death, fan response… well, it’s mixed.


And, for the best Christmas present for Christmas time, Lego!

Thanks booknerds, happy Wonder Woman 2017!


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  1. For Tyeth says:

    Hello Green Onion, interesting Decon today (as always). I am also a fan of Diana Prince/WW be it Lynda Carter, Gal Gadot or in comic book form (I even designed one of my hilts in WW’s honour). But what caught my attention today is an Aviation thing. I just noticed in one of the ads that Space Ghost’s ship looks very similar to G-Force’s Phoenix/Fiery Phoenix from Battle of the Planets and Wonder Woman’s robot plane looks like a modified Lockheed F104 Starfighter! Do you reckon Diana Prince had connections at Lockheed’s Skunkworks factory?


  2. Hi Green. Another fun Decon post. Good to see those ads again. One of the many things I enjoy about these posts is seeing any ads I have or don’t have yet.
    Yes, Sea-Monkeys was basically brine shrimp reanimated by water and crystals, and yes they’re still sold today. More great ads here: The creator of them, Harold Von Braunhut, also invented X-Ray specs… and is responsible for all those dodgy little thumbnail ads you see in the backs of comic books.


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