Sunday Mise en Place (Dec. 4 to 10, ‘017)

Hooo! What a long weekend. Jenn’s family was in town for a little pre-Christmas cheer. We had a wonderful time, and the kids got to spend the weekend in the hotel with everybody. We shared some excellent meals, some great laughs, and an afternoon at the science centre. But, ugh, am I wiped. And, this Mise en Place is getting up late. So, I am pumping it out, and I hope I don’t forget anything. Let’s start with what’s going on, y’know besides the fun weekend I just described.

What’s Going On-

The children’s parent-teacher interviews were this week. Bum-bum-buuuum, trouble. No, actually, they are both doing great. Alex’s teacher surprised us a bit with how well she is paying attention in class and getting along with the other children. Zyler is killing all of his academics, surpassing all of his teacher’s expectations. As parents, what more can you ask?

While Jenn’s family was in town, we had a little Christmas exchange. My one-day-brother-in-law?- Jenn’s sister’s husband, hooked me up with the new Google Home Mini. Let me tell you; it is a lot of fun. Google is my new bestie. She tells me jokes and has all the facticals I could need; it’s like the best assistant you could ask for. Thanks, Will.

Last Week’s Posts-

  • Solid Geek Out on the goYYC this week, lots of nerd fun going on in Calgary all the time
  • New review up on Bubbleblabber for the Marvel Funko shorts, this one features Thor vs Loki.
  • I composed a great list of the best adult animations coming out in 2018. What are you looking forward to?
  • Wonder Woman took the stage for the latest Deconstructed. Fitting, considering she dominated pop culture all year long.


Hmm, I don’t remember, I’m tired. Uh, ok. New Geek Out’s go up on goYYC every Monday. I have a movie review going up in Bubbleblabber this week. I wrote an article on holiday shopping tech that should be arriving on the webs. After my long last week, I owe G.O.B. fans and will put up some fresh content including review Wednesday, and a Deconstructed- which I have not decided on yet. So, stick around I should be back on track after a good nights sleep.

Thanks booknerds, sorry for the late Mise en Place.


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