Sunday Mise en Place (Dec. 11 to 17, ‘017)

The 17th already! It feels like the end of the year sneaks up faster the older you get. As a blogger, it moves even faster after breaking down every week. This is the 50th Mise en Place of the year! Crazy. 2018 may be fast approaching but, there is still lots happening and plenty coming up so, let’s get into what is going on-

What’s Going On-

The Last Jedi! That is what’s up. I was lucky enough to get tickets for Thursday’s premiere, and Zyler and I made a night of it. Of course, I loved it, but, I have so many questions. The most important thing though, Luke Skywalker is the greatest! They paid a beautiful homage to the character that was central to the franchise for so long. And, I was one of the biggest pushers that Luke must be eating Porgs for survival. But, it’s worse. Way worse. Anyways, great film, Zyler gave it a ten out of ten, so there’s that.

I also got some fresh news for 2018. I am excited to announce that starting in January I will be the regular reviewer on Bubbleblabber for The Simpsons and Family Guy. These are two big shows, and it is exciting to be such an important part of that site. A couple of other shows are coming out next year that I will be doing as well but, we will talk about those when they come.

My beautiful partner Jenn has gone on yet another trip. She finished her tough first-semester last week and has gone to have a mental retreat back on Vancouver Island with her family. Usually, I am sweating right now with what to do with the kids but, I am very happy for her. She really earned this break. I think the kids sensed that also because they were not nearly as upset as they tend to get when she leaves. We all just want her to have a great, relaxing time; we love you, mama.

Last Week’s Posts-


Lookaheads and year in reviews. The time is coming to wrap up the blogging season and get ready for next year. Some more graphic novel reviews are coming your way as well. Don’t forget to check out the weekly Geek Out on goYYC, as well as my Thur-Fri feature on BB. I am looking to take on some more writing work so; there could be lots more. And, my nephew gave me a box of random comics for Christmas, and there are a few significant issues for the Decon in there. Keep an eye out for these posts and more, you can follow me on the Facespace, or the Twit, to catch articles as they come out!

Thanks booknerds, see you for next week’s Christmas Mise en Place!


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  1. For Tyeth says:

    Hi Green Onion (and Zyler) so glad you both enjoyed The Last Jedi. I think us older fans have a lot of soul searching to do regarding the film, but it must have been a spectacular success for youngling fans to watch. Good luck on Bubbleblabber.


  2. Nancy says:

    Congrats on your forthcoming work for Bubbleblabber! Make sure you post links of your work!

    My experience with The Last Jedi was not positive. I actually hated most of it. While you saw a beautiful homage to Luke, I saw the complete opposite. I won’t say any more in the comments as to avoid spoiling it for others.


    1. Green Onion says:

      Aw, c’mon Luke was done brilliantly, so true to the character. I had a hard time with much of the second act, it was a bit of a mess

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nancy says:

        I disagree! It was not true to his character or his legacy. We must respectfully disagree then.


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