New Year’s Mise en Place

Happy last day of 2017! Another spin around the sun and we are still here for another trip. Thank you to all my friends, family, and readers that have been enjoying the Mise en Place all year long- and, all that other random stuff I post. I am excited about a big 2018 but, I can get into that in the Upcoming section. For now, let’s wrap up 2017 with one last What’s Going On-

What’s Going On-

Christmas happened. There is so much joy in the holiday as a parent. Watching my kids pump themselves up, be amazed by the magic of Santa, and rip open gifts that they love, is too much fun. It makes you think of those amazing mornings when we were kids. This year, the kids and I received a Nintendo Switch from Santa! … okay, the kids got one but, I am not complaining. It has made winter break a lot more fun. I hope everyone had as great of a Christmas as we did.

Speaking of that Nintendo Switch. I am trying to write this right now as the kids try and teach Jenn how to play Minecraft. It is so stressful to watch. For as long as I have known Jenn she has put in a total of 3-hours of video games. The kids are trying to navigate; she can’t figure out the buttons, Alex just wants to take over! It’s all amusing for me to watch. But, it is a part of the wonderful little family party we are having for New Year’s Eve. Later: pizza and movies!

The weather took a massive swing though. Two weeks ago we were enjoying the warm weather and a mild winter. Then, boom! It has dropped a few feet of snow on us, and it is -30°C out right now. Which is easy to complain about but, it does make staying home, warm and cosy, fun in its own right. It will be nice to get these kids back to school next week though.

Last Weeks Posts-


2017 was a great year, I launched a few projects, created a new look and logo, started writing professionally, wrote a book or two, released plenty of articles and made lots more friends. So, what does 2018 have in store? Writing, writing, writing! I am going to be pushing the words out, especially in these first few months to build up my freelance work. The podcast- which has been on a break- is going through a significant reshaping, when it drops again later this year, we are hoping for big things. I am planning on hitting as many comic expos as I can, a writing retreat, other things and stuff, who knows but, I will share it all with you. I have tonnes of other projects I would like to get moving but, one thing at a time. I expect some big things this year. Plus, 52 Mise en Places, 50ish Deconstructed comics, books and kidlit reviews, top 10’s, Must See Movies, Pop Culture History, specials, humour, and all the things you love from the Green Onion Blog!

Happy New Year, nerds!


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  1. Bookstooge says:

    Happy New Year, Green!

    By the by, when I clicked on your gravatar in my wordpress followers, it took me to instead of here. I had to go google green onion blog to find you again.

    Was that an intentional change at some point?


  2. Happy New Year and all the best to you and your family ☺

    Liked by 1 person

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