Deconstructed: Mr. T and the T-Force #3

Comics Deconstructed just got a little less pitiful as we ring in this dynamite issue of Mr. T and the T-Force. Many young millennials may only know Mr. T by reputation but, there was a time when he was the biggest thing in Hollywood. Earning respect as a tough guy from the ghetto with a passion for staying in school and not doing drugs, Mr. T was a centrepiece to the 1983 TV series, A-Team. During the height of his popularity, you could find Mr. T everywhere from the WWF Wrestlemania to Alvin and the Chipmunks. The most memorable role that will always be remembered fondly by fans is playing Clubber Lang in Rocky III.

A role model adored by children and parents the world over, you could not hide from Mr. T’s signature warrior mohawk and gold chains during the late 80’s. In fact, a sprouting baby Green Onion once slept in Mr. T bed sheets and gobbled down Mr. T breakfast cereal. I did try to locate an old picture of baby me sneaking the delicious Mr. T treat but, old family pictures is a whole other door of nostalgia I don’t need to be cracking open right now. On with the program.

In the early 90’s there isn’t one pop culture icon that didn’t get adorned on the cover of their own comic book. Mr. T is no different. The titular character himself was brought aboard Now Comics as a consultant for this series. Now Comics had a big phase of titles like this one during the 90’s, and have since fallen by the wayside. But, the publishing company will be remembered as the comic company that gave Alex Ross his start. In fact, the company once held many legendary comic creators on their roster. Which leads us to this magnificent cover-

The Cover-

Mr. T looks badass in this hand-painted cover of him kicking chumps in the face. No, that is not a gun in his hand, it’s a video camera. Mr. T pities fools that use guns. This surprisingly excellent cover was created by none other than Dave Dorman who has created some of the most iconic Star Wars images you have ever seen. Now you can remember him for this brilliant Mr. T cover. By the way, so that you know, Mr. T does not have a team of ass-kickers backing him up called the T-Force. I think it is more like we are the T-Force? Like, every day when you don’t do drugs or stay in school you are helping the T-Force? Or not, maybe it’s his sweet bling? I dunno?

Do not worry, I hear you. “Where is the free trading card promised on the top of the cover?” Well, here it is! Mr. T is threatening your friends with a VHS cassette tape!

And, on the back, we have some great values and tips about staying clean. Oh, look at that, another legendary comic artist involved in the Mr. T work, Mr. Neal Adams. Damn, this is getting big with talent.


One of the biggest titles Now Comics had during this time was Married With Children, a book that put the TV characters inside classic stories. Which leads us to this hypothetical conversation about Bud Bundy gaining the powers of Human Torch.

The Credits-

Now Comics
Mr. T and the T-Force
October 1993
Cover Price: $1.95
Today’s Worth: Do not pay money for this.
Cover by Dave Dorman
Written by Mike Baron
Illustrated by Norm Breyfogle
Coloured by Suzanne Dechnik, Holly Sanfelippo, Todd S. Tuttle
Lettered by Andrea Albert
Edited by Joan Weis
Star and Creative Director – Mr. T

The Story-

We open on a simple man calling his ‘Sweet Pea’ when his car gets stolen violently-

The muggers bring the car to a chop-shop and are looking for their sweet dough-

But, there is sweat. Much sweat-

This Kingpin looking villain is not messing around-

Elsewhere, we have a couple of punk kids in a throw down-

Who is going to break it up? You guessed it, our hero, and people have been talking about his mother!

And, he has life lessons for everyone-

But, what about the boys who were fighting? What does Mr. T do about them?


One Mr. T and the T-Force t-shirt, yes, please! I pity the fool who wouldn’t wear this shirt!

At the gym, Mr. T is approached by a young lady and her daughter.

She explains her predicament about her husband getting a seedy mechanic gig-

And suddenly, it’s now Mr. T’s problem!

Mr. T hooks her up with a communication device- I think she just got enlisted in the T-Force? I want one.

Our hero talks to one of his eyes on the streets, and there is always time to remind people not to be a fool-

At the hospital, Mr. T finds some punks just chilling on a nurses car-

And, he beats the crap out of them.


I think I may sign up, guys!

Finally, Mr. T beats some information out of those fools.

Coincidentally, those carjackers happen to find the exact car they are looking for, with the keys in the ignition, and no one is around! How lucky is that!?

Best day ever! Boss is going to be so happy they found this unguarded car with nothing coming back at them! So lucky!

What!?! Mr. T was hiding in the trunk? And, he has a video-film camera! What a twist!

Priority number one, make sure you don’t knock out that dude with the concerned wife-

Priority number two, pep talk-

Priority three, bad guy-

Gladstone is a pretty badass villain but, even he knows he is no match for the incredible Mr. T!

There is only one way to stop Mr. T! A suped-up monster car with teeth that spits out men with rocket launchers at your face!

Mr. T is doomed, the end.

Fan Mail-

Shawn Burke from Boise gets it; he has a deep understanding of Mr. T-


An exclusive interview with Mr. T is included, and boy does it start with big questions

Followed by Mr. T’s favourite part of the comic… Mr. T loves crack babies?

Thanks, comic nerds, in the words of the amazing T-man himself, “don’t be a fool, stay in school!”


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Rob Wantz says:

    Was so disappointed when the Mr.T comic came out. Was really hoping it would continue the story from the cartoon and have Mr.T be the coach of a group of gymnastic teen crime fighters.

    And whatever happened to the Mr.T dog?!?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Green Onion says:

      T-Dog? Should have his own comic book! I don’t remember the cartoon though. There is a chance we never got it in Canada, we do get screwed over more often than not


      1. Rob Wantz says:

        Wow, can’t honestly say if you were screwed or blessed.

        Check out the intro and you be the judge my friend…lol


      2. Rob Wantz says:

        Dang…link didn’t work. Just look at youtube….”mr.t cartoon”


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