Sunday Mise en Place (Jan. 1 to 7, ‘018)

First Mise en Place of the year! The Mise en Place is a weekly column where I share all of my adventures- or, lack thereof. You can come here every Sunday to catch up with what is going on with me, find all the articles that I have written across the interwebs, and get a sneak peek at what is coming next. Basically, it is Green Onion Grand Central. I love sharing with all of you, and I love hearing what’s up with you so, feel free to comment or shoot me a message. Anyways, what is going on with me?

What’s Going On-

Am I ever happy this Sunday is here. As lovely as this winter break has been with the kids home from school, I am looking forward to things returning to normal tomorrow. Something about their two weeks off felt like four. One last day to finish Lego projects, get clean and organised, then it’s off to school, children. So, this morning, to celebrate I made pancakes and syrup, and we sang our favourite breakfast jam!

I do need to get this out: Jenn and I crammed down the Netflix series Dark over the last couple weeks. It was fun, I got right into it, it was up my alley, and I loved the crossing timelines theme. But, when it was all over, I got agitated. What is with shows not finishing their stories? This is my main gripe with Game of Thrones. They just add more and more and then some more, and there is no conclusion. Stop adding characters if you can’t complete an arch. I invest my time into these shows and books for a story, not an endless cycle, we all know when they do this there will be no conclusion that will satisfy us. Even comic books that run for decades know how to finish a story. … As I said, I just needed to get it out.

Last Week’s Posts-


Starting today, I officially begin as a regular reviewer for Bubbleblabber with Simpsons and Family Guy, check out my reviews on Monday mornings. I will also have my weekly feature, and I may have a big announcement next week somewhere in the same vein. The goYYC calendar will be back on schedule for my Calgary friends and followers. On the Green Onion Blog look forward to a fresh graphic novel review, a new Comics Deconstructed, and a feature still dealing with the aftermath of 2017. Plus, you know, other stuff and things…

Thanks booknerds, catch up next week.


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