Sunday Mise en Place (Jan. 22 to 28, ‘018)

Happiest of Sundays to all of you. Welcome back to the Mise en Place, a weekly (and most consistant) feature found on the Green Onion Blog. Always my home base, the M.e.P. is where you can find what is happening in my world. I often use this as my chance to recap the week, prepare my self for what is coming up, and share all of my big news and announcements- one of which I said would be here this week but, all the cards have not quite lined up. Other than that, this is also the best place to learn about me in a little segment I like to call “What’s Going On.”

What’s Going On-

I am writing this today from the beautiful, scenic town of Banff. On an impromptu venture, Jenn and I said “to heckums with it all,” and opted for an evening away in the mountains. Nothing new to us, usually we avoid the winter driving but, how long can you expect us to stay away? With both of us becoming very busy, the get-away, and the chance to write from a fresh environment is much needed. The kids get to come along- well, mostly because we couldn’t find a babysitter.

I should say, even though I feel I cannot announce what I am up to yet, I have been writing up a storm. Finally, bringing in a solid steady compensation, comes a solid steady stream of work. Like 5k+ words a day kind of work. It has been an adjustment and as I settle into it I understand the blog has been lacking. All in good time, as my intention and drive are still there it is only a matter of cramming it all into a day. It will settle and we will get back to a routine. Meanwhile, I will do my best, and hope to have a couple guest pieces on the way as well.

That is about it, I don’t have much on my mind as I look out the window at the mountains.

Last Week’s Posts-

New Parenting Stew went up this week where I shared some of my philosophy on Saturday Morning Cartoons.

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight came out this week, you can read my review on Bubbleblabber.


It is all on its way. So many reviews to do. So many Deconstructed to do. So many posts I hope to get out. It is funny as I am creating more content than I ever have before it’s just not for the blog. But, I will do my best to get a good week out here. The new series, Parenting Stew, has been going great and I should have that out on Tuesday. And, the only other thing I can guarantee this week would be on my Bubbleblabber column. Also, I do have a guest blogger coming soon, so look out for that.

Thanks booknerds, I am going to go breath some of that mountain air now.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Mei-Mei says:

    My parents went to Banff last summer; it sounds like a lovely place, enjoy!


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